Thursday, December 27, 2007

PMR Top Scorers 2007

Congratulations and yes, there is a cause for celebration as 64 Michaelians scored straight As in the 2007 PMR compared to 39 students in 2006. The school hall was a hive of activities when students and their parents came to collect the results which were released at 10.30am today.

Tan Kian is the state's top five high achievers. He was honoured at a function held at the state education department today afternoon.

Mr Phoon Chong Chee and the entire school administrative and teaching team , together with the students' parents ought to be highly commended for a job truly well done.

1. Students getting their results - 2 shots
2. Tan Kian and his family at SMI before going to the department and Tan, receiving a certificate from the Director Hj Hussain Harun.


Henry Yew said...

Congratulations to all 64 students who scored straight As in the 2007 PMR examinations! You have all put in your efforts and done the school proud.

To students who will be sitting for the PMR examinations in the future, let this increase in the number of students scoring straight As be a motivation to all of you! These are some of the figures I remember:

2003 - 99 straight As
2004 - about 44 straight As
2005 - more than 60 straight As

We have almost achieved 100 straight As before, and 2003 marked the highest number of straight As in the past five years, at least. Let there be more than a hundred straight As in the future!

ivantan said...

good job

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

I remember Tan Kian as a small boy, std 1 boy who are twin brothers. Whenever I guard the school main gate during my prefect days in SMI, I always saw their mum walking in with the twin brothers to the primary school form the main gate. Time really flies...

Wong Weng Yew
Class of 2001 USS3

Peter Khiew said...

Henry, Ivan and palohchai,
It's great to know that Michaelians continue to shine academically and in many other fields. Palohchai, come over to the school and introduce yourself to us. As for Henry and Ivan, continue to do great things.
"Upholding The Great Michealian Ethos"

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

Mr Khiew,

I wonder how could we enter SMI now if ex michaelian like me would like to come back and visit SMI? How should I tell the guard? I suppose we need permission for that,right? By the way, we have met before long time ago, I was in the school band previously, I'm one yr junior than Lee Mun Ming. Probably Mrs Thevanei Dass might still remember me if she's still in SMI.

Wong Weng Yew
Class of 2001 USS3

Peter Khiew said...

Old boys are welcome back anytime to meet their teachers or say hello to the Brothers. Tell the guard your purpose of visit, sign the book and welcome home! And do come over to see me anytime. Old boys are always welcome with warmth and cheers.