Monday, December 17, 2007


Below are pictures taken during the funeral service at 10 am today, Mon 17, Dec 2007. His remains were cremated at the Bercham Crematorium. The Michaelian Military Band members were there to offer an air of strength to those who mourned. For all those who came, thank you all for the support.

Rest in peace, Mr Clement Fong.

A note from an old boy, Mr Henry Yew Guo Zheng said it all. Thank you Yew for penning that thought.

Mr. Fong, throughout his years in SMI and as far as I could remember him, has been a very friendly, soft-spoken person whom every teacher adores. Seen very often in the school office as well as the library, his passion and love for the school had never died off.

Personally I remember him as a very fatherly figure whose shuffling walk had always caught my eyes. I remember thinking to myself that Mr. Fong should rest at home; his legs were not that strong anymore.

However what marvelled me was that despite the seemingly weak in the legs, he was able to walk from the office to the library and down again quite frequently, sometimes carrying something in his hands as I observed him from afar.

Never had I seen anyone helping him out, nor had I heard him asking for help. Perhaps it is his way of doing things (or perhaps our Michaelians are not that helpful? Food for thought).

Nevertheless, all staff of SMI have held him with great reverence and love. He will indeed be sorely missed.

Requiescat in pace, Mr. Clement Fong.

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