Saturday, December 22, 2007

St Michael's looks forward to a dynamic 2008

When school starts on Jan 3, 2008, SMI is ready for yet another challenging and exciting school session.
Sixteen new teachers are being posted to SMI for the new school session. The number of staff in the morning and afternoon sessions will see an increase, with a few new counsellors added in to the fold.
Staff meeting, to brief teachers on expectations and new developments, is scheduled for Dec 31, 2007, 8am.
Mr Phoon is the principal while Cikgu Tauhid, Mr Woon, Mr Loo and Cikgu Ramli are the senior assistants 1 (admin), 2 (student affairs), 3(co-curriculum) and afternoon head respectively.
Students are equally excited when school reopens. Michaelians are one unique lot who like coming to school irrespective of the days.
During the holidays, many boys could be seen mingling around at the foyer, making the school their favourite spot to meet one another. Scouts, Michaelian Chinese Orchestra and Michaelian Military Band members make use of the break to practise and perfect their skills.
Parents and their charges could also be seen buying books, all preparing for the new term.
I observe that Michealians' zeal and passion (old and current) continue to burn within them, that's wonderful and amazing about our children in St Michael's.
Among the newly-constructed features are a refurbished office area, with a staircase that leads to the administrative block (visitors no longer need to pass by the classrooms on the first floor), a meeting room for senior teachers and members of the Old Michaelians Association, a more conducive partitioned office area for senior assistants and a bigger staff room (under construction).


Peter Khiew said...

Thank you Kin Tung for writing about Mr Woon. Melvin Mah, a young professional, now working in KL, came a calling last week. He is another old Michaelian who shows deep concern for the alma mater. We wish him well and a successful career. Henry Yew, thanks a lot for your support so far.

Seng Hoo said...

I am so excited that school is reopening soon! YEAHHH! I missed SMI a lot! Can't wait for school to reopen! By the way, Merry Christmas Sir. =D

Seng Hoo

KinTung said...

Another great development again!
It's wonderful to see my alma mater to transform into a greater institution with great facilities.
I do hope that St.Michael's have the world class facilities together with the first class mentalities of the Michaelians.
2 months ago, I visited the school and I had a chat with Bro.Matthew Bay regarding on the construction of the new staircase of the school office.
Bravo & well done to Bro.Matthew !

I do concerned about all the young and new educators in SMI. All of them should be instilled with the Michaelian spirit and its tradition. They aren't just come to the class to teach, but to educate, to guide, to share, to listen and to comfort their students as a guardian.
The strong Michaelian spirit and the St.Michael's tradition shall be strengthened all the time, of the past, for the present and the future.

All the newly constructed parts of the school, I hope everyone in St.Michael's will do their part in order to keep and maintain it well. It doesn't belongs to someone in particular, but it belongs to every dedicated Michaelians who worked so hard for the alma mater through several functions for sponsorships and donations eg: the school annual drama.
I missed the Ipoh white coffee a lot since I don't have the chance to taste it in Kuala Lumpur. I'll be back to Ipoh and definitely to pay a visit to my alma mater at end of this week or early of next week due to my short break.

St.Michael's should be gearing towards - "First Class Facilities & First Class Mentalities" as once we all step into the year 2008, it means 4 years to go for us to celebrate the 100th anniversary of St.Michael's Institution with joy, pride and glory.

Wong Kin Tung
Class of 5SC2 2004, USA1 2006
Member of Michaelians' Alumni Association Klang Valley & Old Michaelians' Association
H/P : 012-5021659

Peter Khiew said...

Looks like all are geared for the new year.
Seng Hoo: Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best in your PMR and see you in F4.
Kin Tung: Come over to the school first. Then we proceed to the Nam Heong White Coffee at the Old Town. Coffee is thick, aromatic and uniquely Ipoh.