Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Piece Of Relic That Tells A Story

The wheel was stacked among the pile of debris waiting for the garbage man to come. Quick action by a group of Crime Prevention Club members managed to save a precious item from being carted away and destroyed. What means so much to us could mean little or nothing to people who do not know the story behind that wheel. Apart from a few items which will continue to remind us of the old primary school premises, the wheel still commands a strong statement that links us to the blocks which managed to accommodate we Michaelians for six good years.
We plan to talk to the old boys, Mr Adrian Tsen particularly on our next course of action - that is to place the wheel at the new primary block. Tomorrrow I will talk to the headmaster and work out a few things. Will keep all of you posted when we have come to a decision.
Note: The wheel is now safely placed in front of the secondary school staff room.


eswaran said...

sir,you are a great michaelian

KinTung said...

3 days before the Chinese New Year, I had a visit to the school.
I saw this piece of relic was still placed in front of the secondary school staff room.
I noticed that the condition of the wheel was just the same as the previous safe which placed at the school field last year.
Quick action should be taken, and this wheel should be placed at a strategic place at the new primary school block/ The Bro.Paul Memorial Building as soon as possible. There should not be any excuse from the primary school section to refuse to keep this wheel. Furthermore, we are keeping this relic for the sake of preserving the history of St.Michael's, not for our own benefits.
Both primary school sections should be cooperate enough with us, in order to make plans to be carried successfully.
There is nothing much that we can do, or they can do, if one party is just clapping on hand by himself.

Wong Kin Tung
St.Michael's Alumni Association Klang Valley