Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Alma Mater That Never Fails To Mesmerize

The building of St Michael's has never failed to impress foreigners and locals alike. Foreign travellers who stopped by at the area would definitely snap a few shots for posterity. One often commented that St Michael's is such an outstanding building that its existence greatly complements the charisma and wonders of Ipoh Old Town.
For our Old Michaelians Association president Mr Adrian Tsen who often plays host to countless of visitors from abroad, the school is a spot he has never failed to promote when he takes them around town.
When his nephew Lin Xiao An from Tangxi in Dongguan, China and his wife Yao Yu Qin came to visit him in Ipoh, Mr Adrian obviously took them to St Michael's. Their son Lin Xu Tao, 7, was extremely excited that he persuaded his father to take many shots of the school to show his classmates back home.
The tour which lasted more than an hour was indeed enjoyable as the visit also included the newly-constructed primary school, 5-star toilet, the pavilion, the newly-replaced roof of the main building and the newly reburbished office area - places which the president had a pivotal role in constructing!

caption: from left Mr Harneak Singh (OMA Hon. Secretary), Mr Adrian Tsen, Xu Tao, Xiao An and Yu Qin.

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