Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Amazing Power of Good Character

from left Ewe, Vikneswaran and Yuganeswaran (handing over the wallet to Ewe)

Honesty is characterized by truth and sincerity. Honesty denotes the quality of being upright in principle and action. Honesty implies truthfulness.This demonstration of virtue is very much alive in St Michael's.

While R. Yuganeswaran, a Form Two student was walking along the corridor, he noticed a black object which he thought was a piece of discard. He walked towards it and discovered that it was a wallet. He brought the wallet to his friend T. Vikneswaran, checked the content and found that it contained money, some cards and an ID. Their first thought was to hand over the wallet to the school authority.

Upon checking, we summoned for the owner. Ewe Cheung Chin came over and he did not even realise that he had dropped his wallet. When the wallet was shown to him and was told that the two boys had found his wallet, he was deeply touched. He went on instintively to shake their hands to thank them. We had many more instances when boys returned watches, books, calculators and stationeries.

We salute these boys who hold on to the power of good character. St Michael's is proud to have people like you.


KinTung said...

Good job to R. Yuganeswaran & T. Vikneswaran. Both of you had clearly shown the examples of the Michaelian Spirits.
I wish both of you success in your upcoming examinations and to be a great leader in various areas in the future.
Never forget your alma mater even if you had achieved successfully in your life. Without your alma mater, then where will you be now or at that time ?

Wong Kin Tung

Yuganeswaran said...