Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Over To You, Master Timothy Chee.....


Samples taken from the book, MICHAELIAN HERITAGE GALLERY

Master Timothy Chee was instrumental in the publication of the book MICHAELIAN HERITAGE GALLERY, detailing the framed pictorial illustrations of the achievements and accolades from the days of La Salle until the establishment of St Michael's.

The framed woodworks were placed at the spacious verandas of the middle floor of the main building.

Sadly, the efforts and labour of love of individuals - Mr Timothy Chee, Mr Wong Chee Weng, Miss Lim Siew Im, Puan Darini Abdullah, Puan Nor'aini Ahmad and fellow students who were commissioned to complete the job, had left no traces to be remembered. The frames had been removed. When and the reasons? Not known.

The effort was accorded a mention when in 1987, during SMI Diamond Jubilee, the pictures of the items were compiled and a book on the wonderful work was published for posterity.

Four main topics were meticulously picked to portray the outstanding individuals who had one way or another contributed to the remarkable works which have left a shining example for us today.
a. La Salle & His World 1680-1980,
b. The Augustans Years 1912-1937.
c. The Patrician Years 1938-1956
d. The Paulian Years 1957-1987
Last week, Principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee met up with Mr Timothy Chee. Yes, plans are in the pipeline to restore the MICHAELIAN HERITAGE GALLERY. Brother Vincent Corkery, I believe, has all the material facts and documentations to assist in the revival of the project.

With these 'reminders' around us, Michaelians would be able to reflect on the past, treasure the present and tread confidently into the future.

Greetings and warmest regards,
Peter Khiew


eswaran said...

Sir,I really admire every effort of yours and wishing you a very " HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR"

KinTung said...

It's great to know about the book of the Michaelian Heritage Gallery.
I hoped those coming plans will not be 'removed without reasons' anymore. With the administration of Mr Phoon Chong Chee, supports from the OMA President Mr Adrian Tsen, Bro.Vincent Corkery and the efforts from Master Timothy Chee, I have the strong confidence that this Michaelian Heritage Gallery to be restored back, perhaps before or at the time that we're celebrating the 100th anniversary.
The school's heritage should be restored and to be kept well, to be in line with other the top missionary schools in the country. Few years ago, I was pretty saddened that the paintings beside the staircase of the main block ( starting from the Art Room ) were removed and repainted plainly. This should not to be happened, because those were the efforts from the past Michaelians.
To produce such artworks, such as the paintings from Master Timothy Chee being displayed for years in the school hall, it wasn't that easy. Time was consumed and efforts to be contributed. Therefore, appreciation shall be given to them. Not to be 'removed without reasons'.
Previously, for twice in last year, British tourists came across the school, and after my visit, I saw them and did invited them into the school. Explained to them about the heritage of the school, current administrations, and they did commented that ' This building is too great to be a school ' .
St.Michael's isn't only a centre of excellence education for students, and it does plays a role in tourism in terms of heritage.
The Michaelian Heritage Society should plays an important role in order to plan some agendas which are beneficial and exposure of the school's heritage to the students especially our young Michaelians and new Michaelians in the Lower Sixth. The once a year, the Heritage Week should be carried out successfully from the Form 1 till Form 6 because so far for 7 years, I didn't see any improvements of the activities that being carried by the Heritage Society.
Everyone plays his roles in order to preserve the heritage and it needs full cooperation and unpaid contributions and efforts.

Wong Kin Tung
St.Michael's Alumni Association Klang Valley