Friday, February 08, 2008

The Revival of Football Supremacy In St Michael's

Michaelians were once formidable and feared footballers. The team captain of 1956, Prof Khoo Kay Khim recalls:

"We played in no less than 19 games, winning all but one. Our highest score for the year was against Sultan Yussuf's School in Batu Gajah. We thrashed them 14-0. We also won against many established and well known teams."

In 1969, Michaelian Khoo Luan Khuah represented the National team at the Asian Youth Trophy Tournament.

Football was played on the vacant grounds at the vicinity of the school. The team of 1919 was an outstanding team - organising competitions against the Tamil Union, The Oriental Cinema and other soccer rivals in Ipoh. The school team had been actively participating in various tournaments both in and out of Ipoh. Competitions among schools were widely anticipated by Ipoh folks - one needed to pay for tickets to watch the matches.

Over the years, football standards in St Michael's had deteriorated. The school is remembered only by the mention of badminton. Games like cricket, hockey and football are not associated anymore among Michaelians today.
Things are set to change. Two teachers have taken upon themselves the herculean effort to revive the glorious days of Michaelian football. Thank you, Cikgu Adi and Cikgu Zulkarnain. They meticulously picked and groomed enthusiastic students for the Under 15 and Under 18 teams. Their hardwork and efforts paid off for the past four years as the teams went on to beat schools like Sultan Yussuf, Anderson, Sek Tuanku Abdul Rahman and ACS. We were champions for U-15 last year.

Bravo and cheers to our young and energetic footballers. Your dynamism has made its way to create a strong wave of excitement among Michaelians near and far.

Cikgu Zulkarnain (left) and Cikgu Adi.

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L B said...

We swept past the entire lot that year in 1975 in the U-15s on our way to being Champs. But I don't think we ever won by a 14-0 scoreline... maybe 9-0? Probably against Sam Tek.. STAR College was always hard to beat, but we did that.

Ah, such memories! Good to know last year's U-15 did well too.