Sunday, February 24, 2008

Special Report On SMI Under 18 Basketballers


12 February 2008 : SMI versus SMK Aminuddin Baki , SMI won 20 against 17
Being the first match of the competition and played at 8.00 am after the long Chinese New Year break, SMI was clearly nervous and we were lucky to scratch through with a win from our feisty and spirited opponents.

13 February 2008 : SMI versus SMK Seri Ipoh, SMI won 40 against 5
Our boys had found their footings and outplayed their apponents who had no answers against our sharp shooters and solid defence,hence we emerge as Group A champion.

14 February 2008 : SMI versus SMK Anderson (Quarter finals), SMI won 54 against 17
We thrashed Anderson in this game and the team played their hearts out especially in the presence of our Principal, Mr Phoon who came to give his support.With this win we qualified for the semi finals where we were in for an exciting match with a formidable foe,SMK Poi Lam.

15 February 2008(8.00 am) : SMI versus SMK Poi Lam (Semi finals), SMI won 44 against 42
In this nail biting and heart stopping match,SMI was staring at defeat during half time but our boys managed to grit their teeth and produced some excellent shots in the third
quarter to narrow the score. At the last quarter, with some fine coaching from our coach and lots of moral support from the spectators, SMI pulled through by 2 points!Phew that was close! The boys were jubilant after this match and were rewarded with ‘Ang Pows’ from our coach who came prepared for this win!

15 February 2008(2.00 pm) : SMI versus SMK Menglembu (Finals), SMI won 53 against 46
Our boys were tired after the energy sapping match against SMK Poi Lam. The boys were hungry due the delay of this final which was scheduled at 12.30pm. They got off to a shaky start and SMK Menglembu gave us a run for our money. The opponents’ supporters outnumbered us and their players were aggressive but SMI prevailed and managed to hang on till the last whistle to be crowned as Zone B Champion for the second consecutive year! Well done to our Basketball Players and our thanks and gratitude to our coach Mr Eng Tin Fook for his tireless efforts during training and inspiring side-line coachings during matches!
Reported by Pn Tan Cheng Choo/Team Manager.
We highly commend our Michaelian cagers for their outstanding and shining performance. Your indomitable Michaelian spirit has prevailed and glaringly demonstrated for all to emulate. Congratulations!

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