Monday, March 24, 2008

Be Back Soon

Rather busy with school work and other administrative matters. Will definitely be back soon with more news from St Michael's. Currently working on SPM and STPM top scorers, Sports Day and other happenings. There are so much to report from the alma mater.


Jefferychan said...

I'm glad that this blog would still be moving on from here and not dying off just like that... Well , take your time and indeed i believe all of us here are hunger to know whats happening in our alma mater but, there's no rush :)take your time as we patiently wait for the postings

KinTung said...

Michaelian Spirit never 'dies'.
Same for Mr Peter Khiew, who is one of my most respectful Michaelian that I know, making tremendous contribution to St.Michael's development.
Dear Mr Khiew, at the same time, kindly please update regarding progress of the 2007 annual magazine if possible.
Thank you.

St Michael's Alumni Association Klang Valley

Peter Khiew said...

Dear Kin Tung,
The school magazine, THE MICHAELIAN, is out much to the amazement and excitement of all. I will scan the cover for all to see. I am also contemplating of attaching the pdf format of the magazine. Wait till I talk to the school head first. And yes, I will definitely keep the blog alive!

Peter Khiew said...

Dear Jeffery,
You have been a great band boy and the school is proud to have you inspiring others as well.

qiwentang said...


Hope all's well with you. Still remember attending your English classes back in Form 1. How time flies. Do take care and keep up the good work!

Henry Yew said...

Mr. Khiew,
How could I get a copy of the Michaelian magazine myself? I'd like to have one!