Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RM400,000 divided among 49 Perak mission schools

SMI's Wushu Club members performing a high class lion dance to welcome the entourage.
Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting's inaugural visit to St Michael's, with Mr Phoon, SMI head.
From right (Brother Vincent, Dato" Seri Lee, state education chief, Ong and the Menteri Besar)
Brother Vincent Corkery, on behalf of all La Sallian schools, receiving the aid from Dato Seri Lee Oi Hian.
A token of appreciation to Dato Seri Ong Ka Ting.

Cabinet considering giving missionary schools full aid

IPOH: The cabinet will look into problems faced by missionary schools nationwide, including according them fully-aided school status.
MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, in giving this assurance, said the government would have to clarify the status of the schools first as they were usually built on privately-owned land.
He said this in his speech at the handing-over of cheques totalling RM400,000 to 49 missionary schools in Perak at SMK St Michael here yesterday.He said certain grants had been approved for the missionary schools. He did not elaborate.
Ong was responding to an appeal at the function by a representative of missionary schools, Phoon Chong Chee, who asked the government to turn the partially-aided missionary schools into fully-aided schools.
Currently, the schools' board of governors have to raise funds to buy teaching and learning aids, furniture and other facilities, including computers.
According to Ong, 53 of the country's 226 missionary schools were more than 100 years old and needed assistance.He also said the government had provided scholarships to more than 2,000 non-Bumiputra students to further their studies abroad in critical courses, including medicine, over the last eight years.
"The government does not discriminate against any race. If a student is qualified, he or she will be provided with a scholarship, regardless of race."
Also present were Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali, state MCA chief and MCA secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan and Perak Education Director Hussain Harun.
The cheques were handed over by St Michael's board of governors chairman Datuk Seri Lee Oi Hian to representatives of the missionary schools.Meanwhile, Tajol Rosli commended the missionary schools for their excellent education system and track record.
"They have produced prominent personalities in the country." NST


michael said...

I do not understand what is meant by saying that they need to clarify the status of schools built on private land, as MCA has given much to both AMC and Sam Tat. Sam Tat's land belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Penang. MCA has only been looking out for Chinese schools. In the months leading to this general election MCA went on overdrive in spending money on Chinese schools, which created awareness among Chinese Malaysian parents not sending their children to Chinese schools that their children are being sidelined because of their choice. It appears that choosing to send your children to a non Chinese school will deprive them of MCA's representation. Upon realising this, MCA went into damage control and decided to give out 400K to 49 missionary schools.

Does MCA represent all Chinese Malaysian or only Mandarin speaking Chinese Malaysians? Presently it appears that only the latter group is favored. I wish that one day MCA will wake up and start representing all Chinese Malaysians regardless of language.

Young Michaelians should learn to never discriminate our fellowmen and should instead treat all men as equal. The future of our society depends on the moral strength of our young. Michaelians should not only know what is right and wrong but must defend right and chastise wrong vocally. Michaelians must not remain a silent observer when we see an injustice. Keeping quiet when we should be speaking up is wrong.

Joseph M Lee

KinTung said...

It's a very interesting comment and yet true by Mr Joseph Michael Lee.
It's very obvious for everyone to note that such 'aid' was a tactic used by the MCA for their good sake in the next coming election.
In KL recently, there are some minor groups of Chinese community protested against the MCA because of several Chinese schools had been closed down for unknown reasons. As what Mr Joseph Lee argued, does the MCA really represent all Malaysian Chinese?
Previous issues such are the proposal of removal of the crosses at the schools, and that was a very ridiculous thing and shows no respect to others. Thats why since last year I doubted why the 2 crosses at the main building of SMI from a original colour was painted into white, and it seems to be 'invisible' during the daytime.
We as a human being, should not remain silent and choose to ignore if our action is right. In law, everyone shall have total fairness,rights and equality.
I highly salute Mr Joseph Lee for his significant comment.

KT Wong

harrneak said...

I understand this grant is from the chinese business community and not grant from the Government / Edu Dept. Ka Ting's statement that the status of the school will be look into as it is on private land is very much open to debate. Does it mean that the grants will be given only if the land ownership is handed over to the Govt?. Today, this missionary schools sits in prime location of towns and cities. Please do not lose it.The missionaries has been giving in a lot and it is time for them to put a stop to it. Before the respective missionaries / land owners agreed to any grants, please do not forget that your right over the schools has slowly, overtime, been "taken away". Even appointment of school head / student enrolments are not the rights of the missionaries anymore. Former students and parents wishing to enrol their children is denied their choice and yet we hear that parents are given a chance to send children to school of their choice. What are the type of aids given to this schools? . The misionaties were the premier educators and due recognition should be given to this schools. It would be nice if MCA gets the long due grants for these schools without any conditions attached.