Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Our boys, all Fourth Formers, will give MGS a tough fight on Thursday (24 April) when we take them one to one at the Zone level Choral Speaking competition. MGS is known for the prowess in choral speaking but that does not dampen the spirit of our Michaelians. They have been practising for the past seven days and they themselves are greatly pleased with their skills in delivery, expression, fluency and clarity of the language.
We wish them a victorious trip.
Come over to MGS at 9am to offer strong support.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great Souvenirs On Sale At SMI

Visitors and old boys visiting St Michael's would normally visit the Koperasi shop behind the Lecture Hall to get hold of memorabilia and souvenirs, bearing the powerful Michaelian logo on each item.

Not many are on sale though but one is contented to get a T-shirt, a key chain, Michaelian towel or a tie pin. The designs are both creative and outstanding. The prices are relatively cheap. The t-shirt (pix) is sold for just RM10, tie pin (RM5), towel (RM7) and key chain (RM5).

Members of the school co-operative are staying back daily to man the shop, which is stocked with other items like writing instruments, cards and note books.

A bigger business area should be seriously considered so that more items can be sold. Things like exercise books, files and folders, workbooks and more T-shirts can be made available to students. To the teacher advisers, well done, all of you have successfully groomed many Michaelians to be entrepreneurs!
caption: Thaneshwran from Upper Six Science One (president) holding a T-shirt

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Michaelian -Our School Magazine Is Out

The school magazine is out. All students from Form Two to Upper Six have obtained theirs. We are proud to have produced a high quality magazine in term of content, layout and presentation. The magazine continues to improve its readability. The section, "My Years At St Michael's", features three former students like Dr Khoo Kay Khim, Mr Joseph Lee and Dr Hyacinth Gaudart. We feel that their years at SMI and the moments they went through would be able to inspire and encourage us greatly in our present days.
Old boys who would like to get a copy of the magazine can definitely approach Mr Phoon the principal.

Yes, I am back.

Ratnam the school cleaner.

After weeks of silence, I am back. Thank you for the warm wishes. The school is in good hands, with Michaelians making the school proud with many of them scoring good results in their STPM and SPM 2007.

One of SPM top scorers is Wong Hon Kit, who was notified by the Perak Education Department to receive a commendation certificate. He obtained 11A1. The others are Ng Weng Sum, Lee Kitt Leong, Ng Cheng Yong, Tan Eng Juin and Clement Joshua. My hats off to all the SPM and STPM holders. I am sure they are currently in a busy state of applying for scholarships, bursary and places to varsities and colleges.

Yes, I pay my tribute to Mr Ratnam who has been a great help in maintaining cleanliness in SMI. He and six other workers are having their hands full everyday to ensure that the school is in spick and span condition. They not only sweep, pick and throw pieces of papers, plastic bottles and aluminium cans but also cart away damaged chairs and desks strewn at corridors, drains and inside classrooms. We thank all of them but at the same time, Michaelians should take care of classroom items as we take pains in acquiring them through the contributions of well-wishers, parents, old boys and the efforts from students themselves.

The desks and chairs purchased by the school is of high quality, meaning they can last for a very long time. Now, the school has to acquire new items to replace damaged ones every four months. If Michaelians can take care of the items like tap heads in toilets, wiring and softboards in classrooms, stop making grafitti on walls (we need money to apply another coat of paint to cover the "words" written), then the money can be channeled towards purchasing more books for the library, upgrading of computers and assisting more poor Michaelians in getting them shoes, uniforms and workbooks.
Let's stop the vandalism. Report cases to the school authorities.