Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great Souvenirs On Sale At SMI

Visitors and old boys visiting St Michael's would normally visit the Koperasi shop behind the Lecture Hall to get hold of memorabilia and souvenirs, bearing the powerful Michaelian logo on each item.

Not many are on sale though but one is contented to get a T-shirt, a key chain, Michaelian towel or a tie pin. The designs are both creative and outstanding. The prices are relatively cheap. The t-shirt (pix) is sold for just RM10, tie pin (RM5), towel (RM7) and key chain (RM5).

Members of the school co-operative are staying back daily to man the shop, which is stocked with other items like writing instruments, cards and note books.

A bigger business area should be seriously considered so that more items can be sold. Things like exercise books, files and folders, workbooks and more T-shirts can be made available to students. To the teacher advisers, well done, all of you have successfully groomed many Michaelians to be entrepreneurs!
caption: Thaneshwran from Upper Six Science One (president) holding a T-shirt


Thinakaran said...

thanks for the updated sir....

from Thinakaran ( 2 Wisdom )

Seng Hoo said...

wonderful, fantastic souvenirs!
I'm buying that key chain. (;

/ Seng Hoo, 4v3

KinTung said...

I would like to wish the current administration of the Koperasi shop all the best in carrying out their activities without fear, in order to uphold and to maintain the stability of the shop in terms of its financial and particularly on the members who are voluntarily sacrificed their times and efforts after school hours to run the shop daily.
The school co-operative shall be one of the best place in the school for the students to learn and strengthen the Michaelian Spirit with them.
I'm glad to see that the school co-operative is still running successfully till today, since it was started in the year 2005 with just a small room provided, countable items for sale, and maximum 5 members were volunteered at that time.
Mr Louis Rozario Doss had given tremendous supports, advise and guidance during the first year of establishment, especially in carrying out mega projects on sales throughout the whole year.

I glanced through the annual magazine of 2007, it's a wonderful work done by the Michaelians who were involved. Their efforts shall be honored and respected.

I noticed that all the name of the classes of the Form 1 had been changed. There is no longer Form 1A1, 1A2 , 1A3 till 1A10. But those names had been replaced with Form 1 Kindness, Form 1 Honour, Excellence, Diligence, Courage, Compassion, Wisdom, Prudence, Patience and lastly Loyalty. I doubted with these changes with its 'special' reasons.

100th anniversary will be just around the corner. The anniversary of the historic St.Michael's Ipoh will be celebrated by 2012. There is no use for us to celebrate for the sake of the year of 100, IF St.Michael's has lost its historical value in its own sense. This countdown and the process shall be appreciated by everyone.

Wong Kin Tung

P. S. said...
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P. S. said...

I currently live overseas and am wondering if they ship to the States.

Peng Looi

Peter Khiew said...

Thank you so much for the comments on this post. Kintung- we will take note on all the points you raised. Perhaps you can be part of our organising team member for the centennial celebrations. Peng Looi-Glad that an old boy paid the blog a visit. Will forward your request to the teacher adviser. My email is

KinTung said...

Thank you Mr Khiew.
I really appreciate it.