Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Michaelian -Our School Magazine Is Out

The school magazine is out. All students from Form Two to Upper Six have obtained theirs. We are proud to have produced a high quality magazine in term of content, layout and presentation. The magazine continues to improve its readability. The section, "My Years At St Michael's", features three former students like Dr Khoo Kay Khim, Mr Joseph Lee and Dr Hyacinth Gaudart. We feel that their years at SMI and the moments they went through would be able to inspire and encourage us greatly in our present days.
Old boys who would like to get a copy of the magazine can definitely approach Mr Phoon the principal.


Alan Beh said...

Sir... may u post about the SMI sport day... Photo????


Based on the statement below,I would beg to differ,as the school magazine this year is a far cry from being of good quality.What am I talking about?Well the print quality of the photos are too light,there are pages missing and even the photography club's picture is not there.Then I would like to ask where did all the photos come from?Do still think the magazine this year is of high quality?

("We are proud to have produced a high quality magazine in term of content, layout and presentation")

Peter Khiew said...

We need feedback from students and readers. Alex: Yours is one that the school appreciates. Blog readers out there - Keep the comments coming and we will compile them, write a report and table it at the next editorial meeting. Remember, the students paid for the magazine. It is the school's responsibilties to produce a good and quality magazine.


Well I hope something can be done as soon as possible,as we form 5's and the Upper Sixes have only a few months left.I feel that a magazine that has been corrected should be given to the students as you said,we have paid for it and we expect only the best,as we have been getting all these years.

Henry Yew said...

Thank you Mr. Khiew for giving me a copy of the school magazine when I paid SMI a brief visit.

I have gone through the magazine and found it quite satisfactory, to be honest. The content is sufficient. Unfortunately, it lacks some other features that were available in previous magazines, such as surveys that were carried out on students by the editorial board, or a quiz section to name some laurels of the alma mater, for instance.

Upon going through the pictures, it is most unfortunate that they do not look as vivid as those in the previous magazines. Some photos look jagged (perhaps due to resizing).

Also, there are parts which were truncated and sections repeated in the following page. For example, "Between Worlds" written by Nicholas Ling featured in page 221 of the magazine has exactly the same content repeated in page 222, and the essay was truncated.

A similar case is seen in Wong Hon Wai's "We did not weave the web of life. We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves" where page 223 is repeated in page 224, but fortunately not truncated (or maybe it is, for the ending seemed unusual).

Spelling errors could also be detected. Among those include Brother Vincent's name which was misspelt as "Brother Vincent Crokery" instead of "Brother Vincent Corkery" in the photo at the cover page.

These are all errors that could have been avoided. However, it seems that these are errors that have been repeated all over these years. It is difficult to say if this is the fault of the editorial board or the printing company.

Nevertheless, my heartiest congratulations for the effort in producing "The Michaelian" magazine.


Well said Henry.Exactly what I said before but everything in detail,right down to the last bit.

Matt said...

i'm one of the member of the edi board i think i need to clarify some things here.
its hard to say what could be the cause of each error in the magazine.the edi board consist over 40 member so if one member dont give put any effort in their work...well...error happen...and dont expect the magazine to be perfect since it was written by student who has no experience at all...not to mention we have to finish the magazine early since in 2007 the magazine come out early.. we have limited resources because we only start to do our work after school or holiday so theres no teacher to refer to if we need any information about certain things.. another problem like prefects have LTC to attend and student cant stayback after school...there's a lot more problem but we still manage to finish the magazine early thanks to guidance of mr ravin and other teacher

ps;sir you really give us headache when you didnt approve some of the article cause we have to redo..but without it the magazine maybe worst XD

Henry Yew said...

Let us not point fingers to anyone. Errors have been committed and opinions have been given. Let us not use this space to start accusing people for the mistakes. We need to do something constructive.

We could only hope for the best that in the next upcoming magazines, such blaring mistakes would not be made. The general public do not reprimand grammatical errors so much as compared to printing error (such as repeated pages and content).

Perhaps we could all agree that the bottom line is that if there are errors that could have been avoided, it gives virtually no reason for them to happen.

Rather than channelling out complaints in this blog, perhaps Mr. Khiew could figure out a way to collect feedback from teachers, current and old students who have read the magazine?

Andrew Lim said...

Hi everyone,

Mr. Khiew, Thanks for the copy of the magazine. I've gone through it as well, as Henry did make a complete list of errors that happened in the magazine, that could been human errors. And I'm sure that the editorial board do not know who to blame or what to blame, unless someone traces it back. Which I think nobody would do.

Goodness, even as I'm typing now, I'm making mistakes.

Henry did make a good point, and so did Alex. As of now, the magazine is already printed, and I don't think that the school is financially stable to print out another 3000 copies of the 2007 magazine just to correct those errors.

What is best is that this is a lesson for the future editorial community to do a better job. As of those pictures, it could have been high quality pictures, try to resize them before you hand it out to the printers. One page is about 6 megapixels. If you're handing them a 12 megapixel photo, it's kind of pointless as you'll be loosing precious pixels when you resize it.

Maybe the future batch of editors are willing to pick up a vector editing program that will scale the pictures and also the text a little better. Though, those file size will be much bigger, compared to a standard word document.

Make this a lesson and not repeat it.

KinTung said...

Everyone shall learn from their mistakes.
The Editorial Board should 'wake up'. Students are not supposed to join the Editorial Board just because of tis fame of it, and thats what I had beene evidenced during my high school. Members of the Editorial Board were not not commited at all as they were just taking granted of everything, expecting others to finish up their jobs, and pushing over their responsibilities to other members.
I wondered how the past Editorial Team since 1996-2004 could produced such excellent magazines.
Once you taken the job in it, there is no reason for you to retreat.
I hope in the future, membership of the Editorial Team will be restricted to those who are really capable, commited, and willingly to scarifise their time and efforts to their alma mater.

Wong Kin Tung
St Michael's Alumni Association Klang Valley