Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SMI Teachers Keeping Fit

SMI teachers are venturing out for a healthier lifestyle. Now they are taking up badminton and called themselves the members of the Racket Club, set up two years ago. Currently there are 14 active members who play regularly at the Badminton Complex DBI.
Among the active ones are Cikgu Ibrahim, En Maulid, En Azhar and Mr Prakash (not the Prakash Padukone of India).
After months of intensive practice, a competition was held last week with other badminton clubs. Our SMI teachers fought hard and after the match, they discovered that they need to be fitter and learn more new skills. After all, SMI is the breeding ground of badminton greats like Tan Yee Khan, Ng Boon Bee and Khoo Kien Keat.
They plan to have matches with old boys from KL and Ipoh. Let's see then who will lift the Cup. Well done, teachers!


Alan Beh said...

sir.... y u din't post sbout SMI sport day???? I wan to see the photos... can u post it????? TQ..

zhengdhong said...

wow! Racket Club eh? ive never heard of this before when i was still studying in SMI. XD

SMI Old Boys said...

Hi Mr. Khiew. Glad to see the teachers active in sports.

Would u like to play badminton against us the SMI Old Boys?

Looking forward to play with our teachers who had influenced us and make us as what we are today...