Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visiting Alma Mater

It's good to be back. Three old boys who left SMI, two to further their studies and one waiting for answer to enter varsity, came home for a visit. They were amazed with the current developments at the alma mater. Besides exchanging greetings and shared their experiences with teachers and current students, the trio, who were close buddies during their school days, visited the food court, the Marian library and toured the school.
Old boys are welcomed anytime to visit the school. Once a Michaelian, always a Michaelian.
From left: Yew Guo Zheng, currently in 2nd year, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Year left SMI 2005 (Form Five), Jared Ee Han Seong, also UTP, Business Information System, 2nd year, left SMI 2005 (F5) and Lau Chee Hong, currently working very hard in Genting Highlands, has applied to study psychology at UTAR, left school 2007 (F6).


SMI Old Boys said...

Are there anyone who will greet us when the old boys come to school...

sometime some of us had been there but they dont know with whom shall they meet..

maybe the owner of this blog can assist us in making this a reality...

btw mr khiew how to contact you thru mail...i realize that u also active in ipoh echo...a bulletin that i used to send my article once..

facade said...

Its been a while since i last saw the school book with a good cover. hahaha. hats off to the students who came up with the design(for the latest book). it feels really good being able to catch up with whats been going on at st.michaels.

looking forward to visiting the school again when i'm back. my regards to mr khiew.

raven lee

Peter Khiew said...

Warm wishes to all old boys wherever they are. Currently with the newly-refurbished OMA secretariat office, we hope to stock it up with souvenirs, magazines and bulletins so as to update the boys. Application forms to join OMA would also be available there. Those interested can also be taken for a tour down memory lane, visiting the library, chapel and the classes that you were studying in when you were here. The current Lower Six boys can offer themselves to help out.