Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ipoh International Run - Here We Come!

Ipoh International Run, an annual event organised by the Ipoh City Council, is scheduled for July 6, 2008 (Sunday), starting 6.30am. The venue would be at Stadium Perak.
Last year, St Michael's took part, sending out a contingent of 300 participants. We got the third prize under the highest number of participants category. We also walked home with medals, given out to those who completed the run within the set time limit.
SMI's Mr Adi, the co-ordinator of the run, was greatly pleased with the enthusiastic response by the students.
"If last year, we could hit the 300 mark, this year, 500 would not be a problem," said Mr Adi.
So, Michaelians, lets take part and be counted.
For details, go over to see Mr Adi (morning) or Mr Rizal (afternoon). Fee is RM5 (Form One to Form Three) and RM7 (Form Four and Five). Note: According to Mr Adi, all students from SMI are offered the entrance fee of RM5 flat.
photo: The ever-on-the-move Mr Adi.

Some feedback from SMI Old Boys:

It's a great would be great if all students of SMI can participate. Since it is a sports event and in line with our motto, "through sports we unite" maybe some of our old boys would like to sponsor few students for the run. They will be informed and we'll see the response. Btw, Mr Khiew we could be contacted at

From PeterKhiew: Thank you and we will keep in touch. Thank you for the offer.

Annual Speech Day 2008

caption: Arrival of the guest of honour Brother Vincent Corkery

caption: The guests who turned up included former YB Mr See Tean Seng (second from left) and PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee (second from right)

Six SPM 2007 top students were honoured at the function. They were:-

1. Wong Hon Kit, the recipient of the Brother Director Trophy and he was one of the state's top students. (11 1A) - photo below
2. Clement Joshua a/l Samuel Peter (11 1A)
3. Tan Aik Jun 11 1A
4. Ng Weng Sum 11 1A
5. Ng Chien Young 10 1A
6. Lee Kitt Leong 10 1A

The top STPM students 2007 were:
1. Best student (Humanity) and the recipient of Brother Visitor Trophy - Clarence Choong Weng Ki .
2. Best student (Science) and recipient of the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Trophy- Siddarth Nayar s/o Sree Kantan
Best students- Chan Chen Dong, Cheong Guo Jian, Benjamin Wong Yu Zhi, Ow Chee Keen,Lam Jo Ee, Wong Kee Cheong, Chong Chee Kwang and Mohamad Ilyas bin Hasan.
Note: Benjamin Wong (fourth from right) was offered the ASEAN scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Caption: These are the top PMR 2007 scorers.
Congratulations to all, including all high-flyers from Form One to Form Five who received their prizes today.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SMI Annual Speech Day

It's here again. Some 120 students of all categories will be receiving their certificates of merit and prizes tomorrow. The school is awarding the students for their academic and extra-curricular achievements. The guest of honour is Brother Vincent Corkery and those expected to attend are Dato' Seri Lee Oi Hian, chairman of the board, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, the PTA chairman, Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA president and parents.

It is going to be a day many will remember as the school is taking a slot to commemorate the 80th birthday of Brother Vincent. A powerpoint presentation detailing the life and times of Brother is in the offing.

A flower arrangement competition, a tradition of sort, will be held at 10am. Winners will be awarded with great prizes and all completed bouquets will be taken to the main hall as decorative pieces. Such innovative idea.

Note: Flower arrangement sessions were started by ADAM in the early 70s when Master Timothy Chee was the adviser. They were carried out to ensure that school functions had floral decorations adorning the hall and stage. Competitions only took place when the prefectorial board was assigned to run the annual event.

Speech Day at 2pm, venue: SMI Hall. Date-18 June 2008.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A Splendid and Extraordinary Concert by the MMB

Conductor Lee Mun Ming and his charges
More than 800 people turned up at the Michaelian Military Band fund-raising concert including our PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee, principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee and parents of the performers.

Our boys performed splendidly that evening.

The audience were roaring with excitement as the astute musicians churned out songs which managed to electrify their senses.

Weeks of patience, resilience and strong determination paid off for our boys who have never failed to impress anybody at any events or functions.

Three weeks ago, five drummers were called to perform at an official function. Everyone in the hall was greatly astounded by their impeccable drumming skills. The otherwise dull ceremony was soon turned into a jovial and vibrant atmosphere.
Our boys deserve our salute for giving away so much time and efforts for the school.

The concert at Yuk Choy deserved a mention here. Our boys, besides enthralling and mesmerizing the audience with songs like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Der Vogelhandler" and a double dose of jazz performance, " Best Of Basie" and "Feeling The Funk", the hall was filled with shouts of excitement when the boys rolled out "Copacabana".
An air of merriment enveloped the hall throughout the evening, all resulted from a job well-done. The presence of the 34-piece Seri Kembangan school Winds Band from Serdang doubled the jovial mood felt by everyone who came.
Thank you all for a spectacular evening.
To all who had successfully looked into the logistics like the banner, the rental of the hall, hiring of the chairs, looking into the sound system, ticketing, walking door to door and shop to shop looking for sponsors, arranging for the people from Digi to sell their items (which had indeed lent an air of festivity that evening) and looking into the needs of musicians from SMK Seri Kembangan when they were in town and arranging for the printing of the programme books, it was a Herculean task.

It was simply superb for the boys to look into all these areas. Perhaps the school or the PIBG should consider treating all the boys to a dinner and award them with certificates of MERIT! Why? They deserve that.