Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Annual Speech Day 2008

caption: Arrival of the guest of honour Brother Vincent Corkery

caption: The guests who turned up included former YB Mr See Tean Seng (second from left) and PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee (second from right)

Six SPM 2007 top students were honoured at the function. They were:-

1. Wong Hon Kit, the recipient of the Brother Director Trophy and he was one of the state's top students. (11 1A) - photo below
2. Clement Joshua a/l Samuel Peter (11 1A)
3. Tan Aik Jun 11 1A
4. Ng Weng Sum 11 1A
5. Ng Chien Young 10 1A
6. Lee Kitt Leong 10 1A

The top STPM students 2007 were:
1. Best student (Humanity) and the recipient of Brother Visitor Trophy - Clarence Choong Weng Ki .
2. Best student (Science) and recipient of the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Trophy- Siddarth Nayar s/o Sree Kantan
Best students- Chan Chen Dong, Cheong Guo Jian, Benjamin Wong Yu Zhi, Ow Chee Keen,Lam Jo Ee, Wong Kee Cheong, Chong Chee Kwang and Mohamad Ilyas bin Hasan.
Note: Benjamin Wong (fourth from right) was offered the ASEAN scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Caption: These are the top PMR 2007 scorers.
Congratulations to all, including all high-flyers from Form One to Form Five who received their prizes today.

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