Monday, June 09, 2008

A Splendid and Extraordinary Concert by the MMB

Conductor Lee Mun Ming and his charges
More than 800 people turned up at the Michaelian Military Band fund-raising concert including our PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee, principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee and parents of the performers.

Our boys performed splendidly that evening.

The audience were roaring with excitement as the astute musicians churned out songs which managed to electrify their senses.

Weeks of patience, resilience and strong determination paid off for our boys who have never failed to impress anybody at any events or functions.

Three weeks ago, five drummers were called to perform at an official function. Everyone in the hall was greatly astounded by their impeccable drumming skills. The otherwise dull ceremony was soon turned into a jovial and vibrant atmosphere.
Our boys deserve our salute for giving away so much time and efforts for the school.

The concert at Yuk Choy deserved a mention here. Our boys, besides enthralling and mesmerizing the audience with songs like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Der Vogelhandler" and a double dose of jazz performance, " Best Of Basie" and "Feeling The Funk", the hall was filled with shouts of excitement when the boys rolled out "Copacabana".
An air of merriment enveloped the hall throughout the evening, all resulted from a job well-done. The presence of the 34-piece Seri Kembangan school Winds Band from Serdang doubled the jovial mood felt by everyone who came.
Thank you all for a spectacular evening.
To all who had successfully looked into the logistics like the banner, the rental of the hall, hiring of the chairs, looking into the sound system, ticketing, walking door to door and shop to shop looking for sponsors, arranging for the people from Digi to sell their items (which had indeed lent an air of festivity that evening) and looking into the needs of musicians from SMK Seri Kembangan when they were in town and arranging for the printing of the programme books, it was a Herculean task.

It was simply superb for the boys to look into all these areas. Perhaps the school or the PIBG should consider treating all the boys to a dinner and award them with certificates of MERIT! Why? They deserve that.


waikeong said...

sir?? really??
can we get a cert??

Alan Beh said...

hope can get it.....
waiting for it.....
hope it is nice..

Jefferychan said...

If things were done just for a cert, there wont be anymore meaning into it :D

I believe the thinking of doing things without any returns are best applied here ^^

george said...

goods 2 c that mun ming is still active with u guys... kudos keep it up

Henry Yew said...

Well done, Michaelians! Many may not realise this, but music can connect souls together. I am sure that our talented musicians, both from the Michaelian Military Band and the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra have experienced how music has brought them closer to one another.

Music helps you to understand the importance of cooperation, because without cooperation there will be no orchestral music. Without cooperation, the concert by the MMB will not be successful. Without cooperation, the musical world will not be able to shine.

I have always encouraged fellow students to take part in music, if they are interested. Scientifically speaking, academics allow students to concentrate on one side of the brain (I forgot which side) but the other side is normally neglected. Music helps you train the other untrained side. On a personal level, music helps relaxation as well.

Being involved in the field of music for ten years already, I must say that the MCO and the MMB had given me much joy and experience. In the future, I hope to be able to support them in some way or other, financially or otherwise.

Keep up the good work!