Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Drama Practice Is On Virtually Everyday

Looks like another great play is underway. Come August 15, for three days, the SMI main hall will again be filled with sounds of screaming students, songs that melt your hearts, music that inspire and most importantly, the hall serves as a showcase for our 47th years in drama excellence. We thank Ms Corrinne Mah and Ms Ling Lidi for your gracious service and wonderful efforts in the continuity of the rich drama tradition.

Tickets are currently available. For students, get the tickets from your class teachers. Old boys, who are planning for a get-together with their buddies on any of the three evenings, can contact peterkhiew@yahoo.com. Tickets are priced at RM20, RM50 or RM100.


Kin Tung said...

Posters and the flyers for this current 2008 annual drama seem to be very special for me. It does not appear to be an attractive piece of design when I first saw them. Since 1998 till 2004, every piece of works which were related to the drama production appeared to be very creative, attractive and colourful. Although those days, there was no such thing as stands being put outside, but the fund raising was still a very successful one.
Before the year 2004, all of the drama productions reflected our school’s truly, as we started our drama in the year 1955 by Bro Ultan Paul – The Poet of Ispaha. From the chronology of the drama productions from 1955 till 2004, we shall be able to notice that all the drama productions were carried out repeatedly. For example, the 2004 drama, The King And I was a same production of the 1979. In my opinion, it’s very considerable and important that those previous drama productions should be carried repeatedly. If I graduated from SMI in the year 2000, and I was involved with the play of The Dessert Song, of course I’m looking forward to watch the same production again in next 20 years! Why this tradition was changed since 2004?

It is a common matter that we shall be noted that, ex Michaelians are attending the annual drama production year by year. A number of them were involved in the drama production during their years in SMI. If you are one of them, will you be looking forward to watch the same drama production that you acted and participated before in your school life in SMI, or you’ll choose not to mind at all? I’m sure that the ex Michaelians always hope to restore their nostalgias during their time in SMI, won’t you?

Will I be able to watch the production of My Fair Lady, Wizard of Oz, The King of Sherwood and others again in the future? Or will I be going to watch new productions every year since the year of 2004? If new productions are coming out every year, what is the reason for listing all the drama productions of SMI since 1955 in the booklet and magazine? Are we listing it all because we do appreciate the history of the drama production in SMI in 1955 or for the sake of we’re counting the numbers of productions from 1955 till now?

Although ex Michaelians who attended the school play, whether or not they are corporate or individual sponsors, besides then giving support to their alma mater through this function, but as benefactors, we also hope to receive a piece work with quality. Therefore, the quality of the productions should increase and upgraded. Will the quality of the current production be the same as the production in the year 2012? I hope not. Do you want to make the drama production to be a money making function, or do you want the drama production to be a function where to bring the spirit of comradeship, strong unity and the rallying spirit among the school community for one common cause – as a beacon to demonstrate the very essence of true La Sallian education?

On the 46th drama production, the message from the Principal is quoted here – ‘.........this year’s production marks St Michael’s 46th year of drama excellence, heralding the beginning of another meaningful and significant chapter in the school history.....’ But do we actually understand and to give ourselves a chance to learn the real meaning of the school history and tradition?

Kin Tung Wong
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
Petaling Jaya,

Joel said...

You're saying the poster and the flyers(a picture of chess pieces,the king,the queen and a knight between them)are not that attractive,am i right?if not,ignore the rest of the message.well i personally think its a creative design.its symbolic.you have to understand the story to understand why.look up the synopsis of the play or even better come watch the drama.i won't spoil it here.true,our dramas before 2004 dramas have been repeating previous dramas and i admit if i were an old boy,it would be fun to watch a drama i was involved in 10,20 or 30 years ago.But REPEATING THAT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE.not very original isn't it??for me i prefer seeing the students having the time of their lives up on the stage,making the drama fun and interesting to watch.the dramas does bring the student community closer together.it breaks the age barrier.a lot of students of different forms got to know each through the drama.ask anybody involve in it the previous years.honestly don't judge too quickly.the michaelian spirit is still burning brightly in every michaelian in the school.


Kin Tung said...

Since this is being referred to the originality of the productions, it seems to say that all of the productions directed excellently by Master Timothy Chee aren't the original ones, since a part of his productions were repeated from Bro Paul's era. Anyway, he produced great productions in the school history and highly respected.
Whether or not the spirit is burning brightly among everyone in the school, I do not have any ideas for that since my days in SMI had ended years ago.
If the Michaelian spirit is still there, why most of the students are not being courtesy whenever they passed by the educators as I noticed every of my visits? Last year, I also noticed that not more than 50% of the Form Sixth students know the school rally. This is a shame. The tradition that I had in my years, is fading right now!
Whenever I invited some ex Michaelians for the play, some of them replied to me ' What is the meaning of going to the drama? For What?'. Such question should not exists from any of us who had been educated for more than 12 years in SMI.
Furthermore, I'm not judging the 2008 production since it's not on play yet. Being one of the individual sponsor for every year and I'm putting on my words based on what I saw and heard since the extreme changes in 2004. Not from me alone either, but from a number of ex Michaelians who concern.
My main concern in here is to save and protect the school's history, culture and its traditions. Whether the function is fun, interesting, creative or whatever, it is not a matter of my concern here.

KT Wong
Member of St.Michael's Alumni Klang Valley