Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Drama Publicity Team Is Activated

caption: Pavin (right) with Joshua holding the posters and flyers.
We are moving very fast in promoting this year's drama, CAMELOT. As such, a publicity team, consisting of four dynamic Fourth Formers, has been established. They are Lavanesh, Patrick, Pavin and Joshua. They have started work in putting up posters and flyers. Last week, two bantings on stands were put up-- one infront of the staff room and another outside the office. Another two will be displayed soon.
T-shirts are also for sale. Those having the T-shirts are allowed to wear them on Wednesdays.

Next week, a banner will be put up fronting the Ipoh Padang as to generate more publicity.

The school will also be calling for a press preview of the play, a practice we have been doing for the past two years. Thank you Michaelians, well-wishers and benefactors. The important thing now is to get the sale of the tickets moving. Let the Michaelian spirit soar.....

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