Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hurry! Tickets Are Selling Fast...

Hurry! OMA dinner tickets are on sale now.
Less than 60 tables are allocated this year as the OMA president feels that diners need to be confined comfortably in the hall, not to place them outside, depriving them from the cheery atmosphere inside.
It's time to gather all your buddies and let them know about the banquet.
Those left school in 1948 (Diamond), 1958(Gold), 1968(Ruby), 1983(Silver) and 1998(Pewter) will be honoured that day.
Last year, a record number of more than 300 old boys from KL, Penang, Singapore and overseas came back to join in the Michaelian celebrations. This year, expect more to fellowship and network as the dinner coincides with the official opening of the St Michael's primary school building.
Mr Yip, the man behind all the fun, is working hard on the details. He surely looks forward to another joyous and lively get-together.

Call Mr Adrian Tsen at 012-5089191 or Mr Yip at 019-5567913 to get your tickets. Alternatively, email me at

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