Thursday, July 03, 2008

Official Opening of the SMI Primary School

It's on Saturday, Sept 27, 2008 at 3pm. All donors and benefactors are coming to witness the unveiling of the plaque at the primary school by guest-of-honour Brother Vincent Corkery.
caption: That's our new school building.
caption: The demolition work being carried out.

We thank the donors, mostly our old boys who adore and salute the selfless contributions and attributes of Brother Ultan Paul, to whom the new block is named after.
A working committee to look into the success of the event has been set up, comprising highly dynamic and competent individuals like Dato Seri Lee Oi Hian (Adviser and BOG chairman), Mr Adrian Tsen (OMA president and committee chairman), Mr Joseph Michael Lee (PTA chairman) and Mr Phoon Chong Chee (principal, SMI secondary).

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Kin Tung said...

I hope that the historical primary school display 'tyre' will be restored back at the same time on that day. For more than a year till my last visit to SMI, I still noticed that the tyre been neglected and was still lying down near the beside the drain.
A number of conversation that I had with Principal, and it was embarrassing to know that the Primary School's administration refused to have it.
Total demolition had been carried out on the old primary school building, and we should be grateful that such relic still exist till today. It shall be a shinning symbol to everyone who had their education previously at the SMI Primary.
Please try to take some initiative to keep and restore this historical item. It deserves our total care and appreciation.

KT Wong