Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Old Boys Have Voiced Out!

As being stated, old boys from far will be back for the grand reunion. Therefore I hope the current committee in the coming committee meeting will have the initiative to ensure the tyre is not neglected during the days of the opening, reunion, and the annual banquet.
I'm sure a smile can be seen from the old boys if a step is taken to restore back this historical symbol. The past, present and the future, and this symbol signified the past. Extreme disappointment from me, if this particular restoration is not being carried out.
I do not want such abandonment to reflect our present Michaelian community to be a community that does not show their appreciation for the past and just taking things for granted. Also, I do not want this tyre to have the same situation with the historical safe last time as it was been placed at the school field under the hot sun and rain without any possible action taken at that time. Stop this sort of disappointment and embarrassment. Actions shall be greater than words. Act right now, as soon as possible. Well done to those concerned boys for placing the tyre in a safe condition. I'm still glad that there're still some who have deep concern in the restoration of the history of SMI.

KT Wong, Member of SMI Alumni Association, Klang Valley.

That neglected tyre bears the legacy and heritage of Michaelians past and present. In no way should it be left by the drain to rot. Rather, I would urge the school authorities to take the initiative to do the necessary repair works and repainting and put it at the new primary school building.It has been a historical landmark for parents to wait for their children outside the school for so many years. It is comparable to the Pater familias statue that can be found at the school foyer.It is an utter shame and disgrace for the tyre to be just left by the drain as if it is waste to be disposed off. Please, do us a favour and preserve whatever heritage that is available in St. Michael's before they vanish completely. It is through the Michaelian Heritage that we have the Michaelian Spirit. I urge all non-Michaelians not to belittle the Michaelian Spirit. It is by this spirit that we are able to achieve great heights and amazing exploits for the glory of our alma mater, even after we have left school.

Yew Guo Zheng, Civil Engineering Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)

I'll echo what Kin Tung and Henry had said.Here's what I think. That tyre has been around for a long time and I'm sure King Tung and Henry had a chance to use that tyre as part of a game or just for fun sake while waiting from transport. If one plans to repaint the face of the tyre, go ahead. Or make it as part of the new Primary School building, as how that tyre represented the old building that is now demolished.

Andrew Lim

The tyre has been placed infront of the primary school gate even before I started schooling there in 1995 and I agree those old boys will not forget the tyre, even me myself because I use to play around it when was in primary school, maybe it should be placed somewhere nearby the primary school and be given a new coat of paint..

Dharween Singh, Michaelian (Form 3a10 Year 2003)

Goodness gracious the tyre is still being neglected? I read with Great Dismay and Disappointment!.It looks like the primary school is disowning the tyre, any particular reason given by the primary administration? As what was posted by Kin Tung, Guo Zheng, Andrew and Dharween the very fact the tyre is a symbol of our Michaelian Spirit. All Michaelians would have a fond memories of the tyre. Maybe we should launch an online signature campaign to show our concern to the primary admin. Hope that something is done to preserve the legacy of the tyre.

Best Regards,George13 Years of Michaelian Experience

I agree with Kin Tung's opinions. I believe many Michaelians would agree that every part of St. Michael's should be maintained and treasured by future generations of Michaelians. The tyre was one of St. Michael primary school's trademarks. Now that the old building has been demolished, we should retain some part of the old school's properties to ensure that none is forgotten. St. Michael's has always been a school that treasures its rich history and we should still continue that legacy. I suggest that the tyre be restored and placed in a special glass safe. It can be positioned somewhere in the main lobby or foyer of the new school, accompanied with a brief description of its origins and the old primary school building so that visitors are able to understand more of our history. I sincerely hope that the relevant committee members of the school would make a wise decision based on the echoes of generations of Michaelians.

Chew Jee Jhoong, Consultant Associate,Walter Rhodes, 5Sc4 Year 2003

From the Editor- Our Old Boys Have Voiced Out. Many offered suggestions and ways to restore and preserve the sad looking tyre, an item considered very special by those who could recall the moments they had, playing around it, walking pass it, standing infront of it for a snapshot or merely never noticed it after being there for decades but now begin to feel its significance. The comments posted will continue making their presence felt on this posting for another month, waiting for an initiative to how the tyre should be dealed with. The next meeting, all comments will be brought up.

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michael said...

I am happy to see that there are Michaelians who are still interested in their Alma Mater. I am on the committee that will be organising the Opening Ceremony and was also on the Fund Raising Committee that raised the funds to build the new Primary school building. I share your sentiments and will support the move to place our "old tyre" at a prominent location at the new school.

I want you all to know that every cent raised to build the school came from private contributors. Not a cent came from the government. St. Michael's still badly needs funds to maintain all our buildings and for new improvements.

We have an annual collection for our Development Fund and we only call upon donors once a year. We do this in conjunction with the staging of our Annual Drama production. St Michael's will be producing "Camelot" this year. Presently we are in the process of raising funds.

Michaelians have always been the beneficiaries of the generosity of successive generations of the Michaelian family. We who have enjoyed the generosity of past Michaelians must acknowledge their contribution and show our gratitude by supporting present day Michaelians.

Every gift to the Building Fund supports our students. St. Michael’s being a government aided school, has to seek donations to cover the cost of many essential educational projects that continue to enhance the Michaelian vision for education. A growing culture of philanthropy has seen significant contributions from past and present parents, grandparents, Old Michaelians, staff and friends of the School. Much has been achieved and we are grateful.

We are again asking you to help us build for the future of St. Michael’s.

Your Gift Makes a Huge Difference.

All contributions can be made to "SMI Development Fund". I am sure that Master Peter Khiew will be happy to accept the contributions on behalf of the school. Please liase with the blogger.

Joseph Michael Lee
PIBG SM St Michael, 2008