Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Press Preview of CAMELOT

Pressmen came for a photo shoot and reporting today. Three scenes were showcased, allowing photographers to take snapshots of the cast in their full, colourful costumes. My credit to all young Michaelians who are willing to stand up proudly for St Michael's. Their efforts are instrumental in ensuring the preservation of our rich drama tradition.
Our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Adrian Tsen, president of the Old Michaelians Association, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, PIBG chairman, teachers, parents, well-wishers and all Michaelians for their strong and solid support.


Thomas Liew said...

Best of luck to all involved in this years drama production. From the frontliners to the unsung heroes who will make this years drama a show that we'll never forget. Rock on Michaelians. God bless.

Ganisan said...

I was invited by my son to attend this function. The beauty of the function is creating the best behaviour out of them. I salute the Director on the hard work.This is real superb...god bless