Monday, August 25, 2008

Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress (APLEC) 2008

Here is the logo for the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress (APLEC) which will be held in Hong Kong from the 7th to the 12th December 2008 at the Royal Plaza Hotel, Kowloon, HONG KONG. The Theme of the Congress is ‘ Lasallian Values in Education : Challenges to Youth in Asia Pacific Today’.

There will be 18 delegates representing Malaysia to APLEC 2008 HONG KONG of which
they will have the opportunity of meeting delegates from Australia, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myamar, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Singapore and host country Hong Kong China.
The Asia-Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress is an international organization linking up all the Lasallian educators in the different districts of the Asia-Pacific region. It brings together leading Lasallian educationalists from across the Asia Pacific region for a week-long programme of updating, sharing, forward planning and fraternal fellowship.


Since our founder St. John Baptist de La Salle first established schools in France over 300 years ago, the Brothers have founded educational institutes all over the globe, covering all five continents.

This International Religious Institute known as The Brothers of the Christian Schools or the De La Salle Brothers, is organised into Regions, Districts, Sub-Districts, and Delegations. The borders of Regions do not necessarily coincide with the geographic limits.

The following are examples of Regions: RELAL (Lasallian Region of Latin America), ARLEP (Lasallian Regional Grouping of Spain and Portugal), CLAF (Lasallian Center of Africa) and PARC (Pacific-Asia Regional Conference).

Each Region has its Regional Committees and they meet at regular intervals. The head of a District is the Brother Visitor. The head of a sector is called the Area Director.

The Lasallian Institute in Hong Kong belongs to the Region PARC (Pacific-Asian Regional Conference). The Brother Visitor of the District of Penang is Bro. Peter Foo and the Area Director of Hong Kong is Bro. Patrick Tierney.

PARC oversees the Lasallian mission in Pacific-Asia in the following countries: Australia; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Sri Lanka; India; Japan; Myanmar; Pakistan; Malaysia; Hong Kong; Singapore; Philippines; Thailand; Vietnam; Indonesia and Cambodia.

In 1994, PARC saw the need to invite Lasallian teachers of schools in the PARC region to meet together, to learn and to share in the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators Congress (APLEC).

APLEC has been held every two to three years since then: 1996- Singapore; 1998- Hong Kong; 2000-Madurai; 2002-Penang and 2005 -the Philippines.

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