Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Man At Work

A worker is busy welding an iron grille of the fence perimeter at the carpark. More than twenty to thirty iron grilles had disappeared the past two months. Perimeters fencing at the pavilion and those near the surau are suffering the same fate.

Michaelians must help to ensure that vandals are not targetting the bars, selling them off to get some good cash at the expense of the school. Replacement of these metal bars can cost a fortune, eating away hard-earned money which can be channelled for other programmes. Let us know how this problem (vandalism or theft) can be prevented.


fookiat said...

The management can claim from insurance, provided that the school have one..

seanwh said...

the only reason for them to break those bars r u ponteng school to go to cyber's nt tat they r stealing it.....( first hand experience) trust me.