Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strong Testimony of The Michaelian Spirit At Work!

Brother Vincent Corkery was resplendent and jovial when he turned up to officiate the primary school building yesterday (27 September 2008 at exactly 3pm). It was not only the officiating of the building as Brother was also performing a blessing of a newly acquired lion head.
It is a ceremony where a special person is assigned to dot the eyes of the lion. The mirror on the front of the lion’s head was dotted first. This signifies giving life to the lion. Then, each of the Lion's senses are "awoken", by dotting the eyes, ears, mouth and the rest of the Lion.

Turnout by donors, old boys and benefactors was amazing. They included Brother Matthew Liew, Brother Ambrose Loke, Brother Matthew Bay, Brother Paul Ho, Dato' Seri Lee Oi Hian, Prof. Francis Morsingh (son of SMI first headmaster Mr P.J. Morsingh), Tan Sri Chan Choong Tak, Dr Chin Yoong Kheong and Dr Jim Lai.

It was spectacular to see, in many years, the congregration of Brothers in St Michael's. It brought back the glittering years when Brothers walked along the corridors of St Michael's instilling discipline, moulding individuals and forming characters in all of us. Thank you so much Brothers.

The ceremony was simple yet steeped in tradition. The band, the orchestra, the lions, the scouts, the prefects, the librarians, the teachers and the presence of old boys (numbered at 150) all contributed to an atmosphere, befitting a grand La Sallian heritage. I am proud to be part of that heritage.

Friday, September 26, 2008

An Update!

Following his collapse at the La Salle Provincialate, Petaling Jaya, on Friday, 26th of September. Bro. Dr. Michael Jacques (age: 92) was rushed to the Assunta Hospital and put under intensive medical treatment. Though weak, his condition was stable when we visited him mid-day Saturday at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
When a check was made with the hospital later at 9.00 p.m., we were informed that his condition has improved and is now transferred from the ICU to the HDU (High Dependency Unit) located on Level 3 of the new wing. Limited visitation is advised. Those visiting him should make it a point to stay as brief as possible to allow him to have plenty of rest. We request members of the Lasallian family and friends to offer prayers for his quick recovery.
Ng Soon Hong e-Lasallian Family Network

Just received this piece of news from Mr Adrian Tsen's office.
"Please be informed that Bro Felix Donohue and Brother Michael Jacques, earlier scheduled to attend the ceremony, will not be coming as Bro Michael Jacques collapsed today. He is now in CCU. Kindly alert the rest of the committee".

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rehearsal Carried Out Successfully...

caption: All On Full Gear...the MMB, MCO, the Lion Dance Troupe and a briefing by Mr Rajan.

The school carried out a rehearsal at 1pm today involving the teachers, the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, Michaelian Military Band, the lion dance troupe and the prefects. We started from the time the "guest of honour" arrived, the dancing of the two lions, the presentation of the video, the flow inside the hall, arrangement of the chairs etc. All were carried out right up to the last details. It was successful. Tomorrow, we will cross over to the primary school to check on the plaques for the ceremony proper and the donors' plaques placed outside the respective classes. We want to have a glitch-free ceremony, fit for the home-coming of our old boys and fellow donors. It is a pride of all Michaelians to see a majestic building made possible through the generosity of fellow Lasallians and individuals we honourably salute.

See all of you this Saturday at 2.30pm and to all of you, "Welcome Home"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Exclusive Interview With Brother Vincent

A video presentation featuring the historical side of the St Michael's primary school, its progression from birth, stages of dilapidation, the hatching of a plan to construct a new block and the realisation and accomplishment of a great vision. It also highlights the people who stood firmly behind an endervour worthy of mention and salute.

Brother Vincent, in a rare interview, has something to say to these sons and daughters of St Michael's at the Officiating of the new building. With him, who has tirelessly worked for weeks to produce a 25-minute video, is Mr Lawrence, already a familiar face in St Michael's.
And yes, you are right. The big, lorry tyre, has been put up at the new primary school. Brother Matthew said some pupils have been assigned to give the tyre a boost - a new coat of paint!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Officiating Of Brother Ultan Paul Memorial 27 Sept 2008

The last committee meeting for the opening of the SMI primary school was over just three hours ago. We have invited some 250 donors, benefactors, past principals and former teachers to come witness the unveiling of the plaque by Brother Vincent Corkery. Performances by the Michaelian Military Band and the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra are in the pipeline. Yes, we are having a lion dance to welcome the guest of honour. The troupe is not being hired from outside. SMI has its own troupe now. The members are an energetic and vibrant lot, able to whip out beautiful steps to awe the audience. This is one grand occasion handled collaboratively by the OMA and the three SMIs. The Lasallian fraternity has always advocating the spirit of shared responsibilities. The primary school block has been beautifully spruced up to welcome the historical day. We have taken some shots for you and the next report will elaborately touch on the whole event which I personally anticipate with excitement and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Mr Adrian (OMA), Mr Phoon(SMI), Mr Lee (PTA) and the committee members for materializing something worth remembering. Salute to all of you.
The next grand project, I believe, would be St Michael's Centennial Celebration in 2012.
Signing off,
Peter Khiew

caption: Images of the new school tuckshop and school frontage with its delightful landscape. Credit to Brother Matthew Bay for his artistic touch.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LEAD- Lasallian Education & Development Camp 2008

caption: Look how eager they are. The boys who go for the trip. Thomas Boo (far right)
The La Salle Centre-organised annual program, L.E.A.D (Lasallian Expedition and Development) camp is scheduled for 25-27 September this year. The character building and self-development programme is going to be held in Ulu Kenas in Kuala Kangsar.
A Form Two participant who attended the camp last year has a story to tell. "I was thrilled and touched to be given a chance to participate in the programme that not only boosted my self-esteem and self-worth, but it was a platform for me to understand my friends and how I can value the spirit of acceptance and team spirit.
That boy, who is now in Form Three, still goes around from shop to shop, with a basketful of cakes, to earn a living to supplement the income of his family. Unlike previously when he just walked along the corridor with just a mission to complete the day's job, this young and spirited Michaelian now has a purpose - he wants to grow up to be an entrepeuneur- using the very skills he has acquired in his many years of training selling cakes.
His story has touched many hearts included the volunteers who helped out at the camp last year. He even won accolades and words of praises from Brother Vincent and Brother Matthew who visited the group there.
This year, team leader Thomas Boo is greatly anticipating the LEAD programme. He has heard so much about the programme and how lives are transformed after the three-day trip. Thomas and his friends, who have been selected, also heard of two students who went last year. For them, it was a surprise that the boys are still in school, in Form Three. It is amazing that the boys are still here as they had the intention to stop schooling due to their disinterest in studies. "We believe the Lasallian values of acceptance and compassion do work wonders", said an eager participant.
For three days, the boys will have a well-deserved break, a treat many have never enjoyed before. Besides having breaks swimming at the crystal-clear stream, being served sumptuous meals and jungle trekking, the participants will attend sessions of inspirational talks on team building, positive interaction and leadership conducted by Master Isaac .
It will be a time the boys are imbued with a sense of comradeship and a strong demonstration of zeal and a drive to excel.
Note: The camp is made possible through contributions of benefactors and old boys. OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen is equally enthusiastic about the programme that he has proposed that the program be extended to students of other forms as well. Brother Matthew has been kind to assist in this area.

Monday, September 08, 2008

SMI 2007 Editorial Board members say Goodbye

It's time to bid farewell for members of the Editorial Board. The mostly Upper Sixth Formers have carried out a wonderful job in assisting the school in coming up with magazines that worth of mention here. Thank you Mr Ravindran, our magazine coordinator for being their adviser. The new batch of editorial members have been assigned their tasks and it will be soon the 2008 The Michaelian will materialise.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I was introduced to Captain Lee Shin Ho via email (and later had the honour of meeting him in person during our recent annual dinner) by our former President Dr Chin Yoong Kheong (SMI KL Alumni ) as the EXCO members were deliberating on an illustrious Michaelian that we should feature an article on.
We had previously featured past award winners and therefore felt that perhaps it would be great to carry articles on Michaelians who have made an impact overseas and have made us proud.
It wasn’t an easy choice as we seriously have many illustrious Michaelians who are experts in their field and many are renowned in their industry, some have won international awards while others have created a niche in their respective areas of expertise to be listed in the ‘Who’s Who” in many publications.
As we were talking about the hype in the newspapers that carried an article on the Airbus A380, it was then that Dr Chin mentioned that his former classmate is a captain who had piloted the Airbus A380.
Captain Lee Shin Ho was in Form Six Class of 76. He started school in SMI Primary 1 which is one of the reasons why the recent primary school building project is very meaningful to him. He was part of the lucky ones who received the "silver spoon".
(Only those students that studied from Standard One to Form Six in SMI will receive a silver-plated spoon at the end of Form Six, signifying that they have been spoon fed all these years and when one leaves school it is time that they look after themselves).
I always felt that it was unfair that we ladies of SMI never got the chance to receive the silver spoon but I guess tradition rules! Just in case some ladies out there or some fathers are having some thoughts of match-making, let’s clear the air and pronounce that Shin Ho is married and blessed with 4 lovely children, 2 young ladies and 2 boys. When I enquired the reason Shin Ho chose pilot as his career choice, he quite frankly mentioned that it’s the money or the lack of it that mainly motivated him to become a pilot. Interesting how a person lands up in his career choice and then makes a distinguished mark in this field…read on to find out more!
By Ms Jeannie Khoo, exco KL SMI Alumni . Do visit:

Monday, September 01, 2008

Treasured Items Discovered!

caption: Mr Lawrence, adviser of Michaelian Catholic Society, checking the prized items.
Remember the English “S. Withers & Co.” safe which is believed to be more than 80 years old? It was crane-lifted to the ground floor from the former Brothers' quarters and the current school chapel and now placed opposite St Michael's Chubb strong room. and , waiting to be placed at a permanent spot within the school.
The safe was believed to have been used by Japanese officials during World War II to keep important documents and valuable items. When they left, the safe was emptied before it was used by Brother Paul, Brother Vincent and other Brother directors to keep important school papers. Exposure to the elements had resulted in the weakening of the wooden cabinet placed under the safe. As a result, the joints gave way and what found inside amazed many. We found old school magazines, old leaflets, journals written by Brother Paul, school reports, old postcards, floor plans of St Michael's and even an old, wooden badminton racquet. Luckily, the teachers, instead of the school cleaners, arrived there first. All items will be handed over to Brother Vincent Corkery and Brother Matthew for safekeeping.