Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Exclusive Interview With Brother Vincent

A video presentation featuring the historical side of the St Michael's primary school, its progression from birth, stages of dilapidation, the hatching of a plan to construct a new block and the realisation and accomplishment of a great vision. It also highlights the people who stood firmly behind an endervour worthy of mention and salute.

Brother Vincent, in a rare interview, has something to say to these sons and daughters of St Michael's at the Officiating of the new building. With him, who has tirelessly worked for weeks to produce a 25-minute video, is Mr Lawrence, already a familiar face in St Michael's.
And yes, you are right. The big, lorry tyre, has been put up at the new primary school. Brother Matthew said some pupils have been assigned to give the tyre a boost - a new coat of paint!

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