Sunday, September 07, 2008


I was introduced to Captain Lee Shin Ho via email (and later had the honour of meeting him in person during our recent annual dinner) by our former President Dr Chin Yoong Kheong (SMI KL Alumni ) as the EXCO members were deliberating on an illustrious Michaelian that we should feature an article on.
We had previously featured past award winners and therefore felt that perhaps it would be great to carry articles on Michaelians who have made an impact overseas and have made us proud.
It wasn’t an easy choice as we seriously have many illustrious Michaelians who are experts in their field and many are renowned in their industry, some have won international awards while others have created a niche in their respective areas of expertise to be listed in the ‘Who’s Who” in many publications.
As we were talking about the hype in the newspapers that carried an article on the Airbus A380, it was then that Dr Chin mentioned that his former classmate is a captain who had piloted the Airbus A380.
Captain Lee Shin Ho was in Form Six Class of 76. He started school in SMI Primary 1 which is one of the reasons why the recent primary school building project is very meaningful to him. He was part of the lucky ones who received the "silver spoon".
(Only those students that studied from Standard One to Form Six in SMI will receive a silver-plated spoon at the end of Form Six, signifying that they have been spoon fed all these years and when one leaves school it is time that they look after themselves).
I always felt that it was unfair that we ladies of SMI never got the chance to receive the silver spoon but I guess tradition rules! Just in case some ladies out there or some fathers are having some thoughts of match-making, let’s clear the air and pronounce that Shin Ho is married and blessed with 4 lovely children, 2 young ladies and 2 boys. When I enquired the reason Shin Ho chose pilot as his career choice, he quite frankly mentioned that it’s the money or the lack of it that mainly motivated him to become a pilot. Interesting how a person lands up in his career choice and then makes a distinguished mark in this field…read on to find out more!
By Ms Jeannie Khoo, exco KL SMI Alumni . Do visit:


fookiat said...

I studied from kindergarten until form 6, why didn't I get a silver spoon?

anyway... good job on the article..

Jared Chew said...

was there a St. Michael kindergarten? i thought there was only the primary and secondary school..

Peter Khiew said...

Oh yes. St Michael's kindergarten was at the bungalow beside the current Bank Islam. More research will be carried out to find out when it started, closed and eventually rented out to run a tuition centre. Two years ago, the property was sold to a bank, now the space being occupied for a car park.

Steven Wong said...

I did from SMI kindergarten up to Form 5 (1989). ;-)