Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goodbye Boys...

Farewell do for our Michaelians. They have gone through thick and thin. They have walked the school corridors, they have faced tribulations, uncertainties and trials. These are the stages and phases in life as students. They have sailed through confidently, built up resilience and self-worth. After the SPM, another chapter in life unfolds. Thank you and goodbye boys. We are always with you. Best wishes and Selamat Maju Jaya dari saya, Mr Khiew.

After Weeks of Hiatus, I am Back.

a.Many things happened last few weeks, first the PMR exams where some 381 candidates sat for the national level competency test that determined students levels before going over to the upper secondary. The exams went on smoothly.
b. The school also organised the Hari Ko-Kurikulum to honour students who excelled in their respective fields of extra-curricular activities. We had boys who shine in rugby, debates, tennis, golf and swimming. Recipients were also those who glitter in badminton and basketball. We continue to mention here the good works of the boys in the Michaelian Military Band and scouts - heard that two are going for King Scout this year, a prestigious position for any boy scouts worldwide.
c. Farewell do for Fifth Formers. This is the second year the school has organised this to express appreciation for the boys, now consist not only from St Michael's but boys sent in from Sam Tet, Jalan Pasir Puteh, Yuk Choy and many other schools. St Michael's now is a combination of boys who easily blend in with our school culture and ethos.
d. SPM and STPM 2008 exams are approaching fast. Best wishes to all Michaelians.
Welcome back to the blog and I will be uploading some pictures soon. It is good to be back again after weeks spent on marking papers and wrapping up things for the year end.
a. Master Timothy Chee and Brother Matthew at the Drama night.
b. Form Two boys at the badminton court after recess. They line up in a single file to return to their classrooms. This practice is customary.
c.Students taking part in a UNESCO-organised drawing competition. Some 40 students took part.
More shots are forthcoming.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Note From A Michaelian

Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for those nice words in your blog. You even quote our email from Thomas Nathan who did the "round-up" of Michaelians from KL and PJ in response to the very kind invitation from our President of OMA, Adrian Tsen.
Thank you for those very lovely pictures taken on that day. Michaelians, you should take a peep at Peter's blog at Peter is doing a superb job for our alma mater.
Thank you Peter and all fellow Michaelians for the powerful prayers that enable me to recover fast enough to attend the OMA dinner this year. Thanks to Amir for providing transport and arranging accommodation in Ipoh. Many thanks to Adrian Tsen for the invitation. Rest assured we had a wonderful time in Ipoh that weekend. God bless you for your good work, Peter.
Best regards, Anthony Kim.
Note: We truly appreciate your presence that day and glad to hear that all of you enjoyed the dinner. From us in St Michael's Ipoh, looking forward to seeing all of you again in 2009.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Brother Michael Jacques.. another update!

A Note From Ng Soon Hong of the Lasallian Family Network. Thank you.

Dear Peter,

Kindly be informed that Brother Michael Jacques' condition has improved greatly albeit he is still a bit weak. This is quite understandable considering the ordeal he went through. He was transferred out of the HDU (High Dependency Unit) since 30 September to a normal ward located on the sixth floor of Assunta hospital - Melati Ward.
I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the fine Michaelian Spirit and the the updated blog you are mantaining. I seek your consent to extract articles and photos from the site for posting at the e-Lasallian Family Network website. I hope you will consent.
God bless. Soon Hong

From, Peter Khiew - Kindly go ahead and use any articles deemed suitable for the website. From us at St Michael's, we wish Brother Michael speedy recovery. Thank you, Soon Hong, for the strong Lasallian spirit in maintaining such informative website.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

La Sallian Brothers at the OMA dinner

"The Silent Heroes". Our best wishes Brothers. From left Brother Ambrose Loke, Brother Vincent Corkery, Brother Matthew Bay and Brother Matthew Liew.

Michaelians Annual Banquet 2008

Caption: Mr Anthony Kim(far left) and his fellow friends.

Again it was the company and bonding that pulled the old boys together. The cheers and laughter enveloped the hall, strengthening friendship and warming up fellowship. Those who have been corresponding through e-mails took the opportunity to meet up. Among those who attended were the ones who had earlier sent an e-mail to the president.
" Hi Adrian, up to now @ 2pm the persons who have confirmed their attendance of the OMA Dinner as follows: Justin Gomez; Gilbert Gomez; Teddy Ignatius; Philip Loh; Rohini Kumar; Joseph Doss; Michael Ong; and myself Amir. Anthony Kim has asked me to wait till this evening for his confirmation."
And yes, Mr Anthony Kim, despite his condition, attended the dinner. I had the honour to meet up with him and he was at his best. Great attire and looked exceptionally neat, befitting a very disciplined Michaelian.
Enjoy the shots, group of 1967. Shots of other years are also posted. Thank you all for being part of a large Michaelian community. Continue to keep one another encouraged and inspired in the spirit of St Michael's.

Signing off,
Peter Khiew, Ipoh.