Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goodbye Boys...

Farewell do for our Michaelians. They have gone through thick and thin. They have walked the school corridors, they have faced tribulations, uncertainties and trials. These are the stages and phases in life as students. They have sailed through confidently, built up resilience and self-worth. After the SPM, another chapter in life unfolds. Thank you and goodbye boys. We are always with you. Best wishes and Selamat Maju Jaya dari saya, Mr Khiew.


SMI Old Boys said...

and now u will step into a world of uncertainty....goodbye boys and welcome to the world of old boys...

Good luck and all the best for SPM..

Henry Yew said...

To all Fifth Formers,
I hope that you will all succeed in your SPM examinations with flying colours.

Now is the time for you to think about your future, whether you are going to remain in SMI for Form Six, or are you going to study in a college, etc. For those who want to apply for a scholarship, start your applications now!

It is now time to think about your future career and what you see yourself as, whether as a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, an accountant, etc. This is when a new phase of life starts.

Michaelians, are you ready?

Yew Guo Zheng
Form 5Sc1 Year 2005
Civil Engineering Department,
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Kin Tung said...

Hi everyone. It's been some time since my last post and now I will give you some info about my personal experience on STPM (after being reminded gently by our blog master.. ) So you think STPM is hard ?? ...

You're probably correct. It is hard of course. So do A-levels, SAT and other exam in the world. No exam in this world is particularly easy, unless the future for the exam is not that good, you know what I mean. If you work harder, I can
assure you to get good results. It is not impossible to score.

You know, i often hear people saying this " DO NOT GO FORM 6, It's a waste of time". "FORM 6 is so easy". If it is easy , and a waste of time, do you even
think the government would set such things in our education system? I'm sick of
such stereo-typed people. I hope i do not offend anyone here though.

Form 6 is not as easy as you think. I've had a p.h.D teacher in my school who said " form 6 is the hardest exam in your life. if you can go through it , there
is no doubt you will do well in universities."If you ask me if i was prepared for the whole thing before i enter form 6, i would say i am prepared.

I was a science side student in form4 & 5. A science side student WHO DO NOT enjoy science. Hence , my result is always lousy , and i am always the one with
the lowest mark. Not in class though, but among my friends. I was looked down .
So when i enter form 6, i knew i cannot continue staying in science. Besides, I am fed up of being looked down. I took the risk of moving to arts side alone. i
was scared , but i knew i had to move on no matter what. My SPM result was just a "so-so" result , and i do not want my STPM result to turn out bad as well. When i entered form 6, i had this dream to get first in class and get
the highest in all my exam. Like i said , i am fed up of being
looked down , and i need to gain some respect from my friends in arts. I do not want to be looked down anymore. So to those of you who are not sure of switching
or not , look at your result. If you keep getting 'c' or 'D' in your science subjects and still going to science side in form 6, you are commiting suicide.
Know your ability. Forget about the "cool-ness" when you're holding an organic chemistry book. It is the result that matters.If your parents insisted you to
stay in science saying bout the prospects of science side, talk to them nicely ,and explain to them. And arts side has a wide prospects too. Who is the one who
manage a hospital? A doctor does not manage a hospital you know? [I'm not trying
to say the bad side about science side ya.. ]

When i told people how
stress i am when i was preparing for my exams , then they'll ask me " what side are you in?"... when i said "arts". they'll go on saying , " Oh , no problem one. easy.". And this is what i hate. Arts side in form 6 , is A TOTAL DIFFERENT
from form 5. It is a lot harder and be prepared to write up to 15 pages for each exam. i would say arts is a lot about reading and memorising. AND no , it's not
easy when you have to memorise hundreds of pages.and if you are taking economics, it's even worse. You need to memorise graphs and write tonnes of notes.Honestly , my ball pen lasted me only around 3 weeks, and mind you, my
handwriting is small. Not only that, You need to be hard working enough to read the many pages of boring notes. You can easily fail if you're in arts , because
once you do not read , you can't do anything. There is no objective (except for econs), so basically if you do not study , you can just sleep through the test.So, arts side is not easy. It is just as tough as the science side. What
makes arts side easier?we still write 7 essays, 2 quantitative, and 30 multipal choice questions with half of it is counting in 3 hours.Or for some papers, we
had to write more than 10 pages. Science and Arts= same level . So , if you feel down about moving to arts side, you do not have to now.

No doubt to those who are from science side , you would have a problem adapting with the arts side
people. Especially if you are not mandarin-spoken like me. I am the ones that basically cant even write my name in mandarin , and couldn't speak more than ten
words of fluent mandarin. Yes, that is how bad it is. Did i tell you i did not move to arts with any of my friends? So, having to be in a new environment with
no one you are comfortable with was a tough experience to go through. I even reach to a point i wanted to give up. Anyway after a while , slowly i got to mix with them .

If you asked me if i regret going to form 6, i would easily answer you "no". Form 6 is the 2 years i enjoy the most in my high-school
life. It was also the only time where i look forward going to school and enjoying my time even though during the many exams i had. One of the hardest
part to go through was that in form 6 there is a lot of test going on. I even had times where my whole month is filled with test and quizzes. Form 6 is also
the time where i realise three hours is like 3 minutes. Most of my papers are three hours, and i am still rushing for it. So , three hours is nothing to me
now. Time flies. I had a lot of fun in form 6 and being the eldest in the school. So to those of you who are going to form 6, i wish you all the best and i guarantee you will have a fun-filled 2 years like i did.

Form 6, No regrets.

1. Why did you choose to study Form 6 instead of A Level, Australian
Matriculation etc?
Wasting time is the main reason people feel about going to Form 6. Yes I do agree if you are
rich and can't wait to spend it on your overseas tertiary programme. And yes again I would say because Form 6 really is for hardworking people (with this sentence, I do not say and mean that I am one of those people...) I choose this
path because the option to stay in local university (IPTA) and it is the only way to get into IPTA other than local matriculation. IPTA is real cheap (in
either meaning). Futhermore STPM is globally recognised. So with good results you can further your studies in overseas and with excellent results you may even
get scholarships!! A-level is another good option but the disadvantage is that you don't have the IPTA as your fall-back. SAM is easy (what I heard from ALL
PEOPLE that had taken this exam and it's not my opinion). But SAM is recognised only for most Australian University and few university worldwide.

The scholarships you may
apply after STPM. JPA if you managed to get into IPTA, PTPTN as financialassistance, KUOK
Foundation for IPTA and Singapore
Public University, GIC, GE, Singapore Scholarships, ASEAN, and lots and lots of scholarships that is impossible to mention all of them here. You may need to
do some research during your long break before the release of the results. There's magazine titled "Scholarships Guide" or something which will be published near the results releasing days and costs you around RM8-10. It's a nice magazine to hook on. Grab a copy if you see it!

2. What suggestions would you like to give to the new Form 6 students on
how to prepare for STPM since Lower Six?
Honestly one and a half year for everything in STPM isn't enough, but if you manage to distribute your time well, it shouldn't be a big problem. To me, the hardest subject is Chemistry. I face some problem even I was in Form 4. To me Chemistry is fun but I was in trouble when I tried to imagine
the concept. Here's the key : You grab the concept for Chemistry and you will score. For physical chemistry it is more testing on your understanding and hence
the concepts are very important, it is very different that Organic/Inorganic Chemistry where more memorizing is required. Biology is a subject where you will
need to read a lot and your skill to pour everything out on the answer papers during the exam. For Maths T, true understanding and application will be required since sometimes the questions can be very challenging and cannot be
solved without the application and derivation of some basic

3. Did you suffer from the sudden change from Malay
to English in Science and Mathematics subjects?
There's not much difference though I think studying in Malay is easier for me but I enjoyed the whole session in English and it
is very useful especially when you go overseas to study in English. There's nothing much to deal with and obviously you will need to beef up your language
to avoid childish and unwanted mistakes. Pick up a newspaper and starting reading!!

4. Did you attend tuition classes? Are they
I won't say there are a
must-have preparation for STPM. I did not attend tuition and tried to study on my own. Near the
exam, I attended some seminars and workshop to get more preparations. Tuition isn't a must honestly.

5. How about Malaysian
University English Test (MUET)?
I scored band 4 and very few people will get Band 6. (3
people for my year in my school) Language is not something you read and score. It is a language. Constant reading and accurate usage of the language is
required. Hence I suggest you all to start speaking in English and watch English movie/TV series from now. At least that's my way...

6. Do you agree that STPM is the toughest
examination in the world?
Cramming everything in 1 and a half year and pouring it out in just merely 3 or 4 hours.
I would say it is hard because of the candidates. Since the results are binomially-graphed and hence it would add up the challenge and make it more difficult to score if everyone is doign good on a certain paper. I won't say
it's the toughest exam in the world since I do not have any experience in other exam paper. SAT is famous for its speed and accuracy test, the questions maybe
easy but under limited time, it tests greatly on your accuarcy and your handling when under pressure. Every exam has its unique way to test the candidates. STPM is, undoubtly, one of those tough exams in the world.

7. Could you name a few useful resources to
STPM students?
Longman, Pelangi,
Fajar Bakti (Oxford), and some other are quite famous but you better checked with your teachers for the most upto dates and relevant references. I would
suggest you to visit some forums
as there the students will exchange their trial exam papers.

8. Are
co-curricular activities important?
activity is extremely important. I won't say much on this. Just think like this. Everyone can score straight A or getting a first class degree from university, so what element distinguish these excellent candidates in a job
interview??? Your leadership, your participation, your passion... and all these will be reflected in your extra curicular activities. So while working your brain out for the exams, do join some activities to add some values in your school certificates.

All the best and choose the right way for your future.

Kin Tung Wong
School of Law,
King's College,
University of London

Uncle Lah -SMI00-04- said...

Sir Khiew

"What is that man"
still remember you...
im with u aroun year 2000-2004
and u were my moderator
n my class teacher in year 2000

if you dont mind this is my email..

sir is there any Paper Left
i mean with the price 50cent,..
hahaha.. still remembered that...