Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Note From A Michaelian

Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for those nice words in your blog. You even quote our email from Thomas Nathan who did the "round-up" of Michaelians from KL and PJ in response to the very kind invitation from our President of OMA, Adrian Tsen.
Thank you for those very lovely pictures taken on that day. Michaelians, you should take a peep at Peter's blog at Peter is doing a superb job for our alma mater.
Thank you Peter and all fellow Michaelians for the powerful prayers that enable me to recover fast enough to attend the OMA dinner this year. Thanks to Amir for providing transport and arranging accommodation in Ipoh. Many thanks to Adrian Tsen for the invitation. Rest assured we had a wonderful time in Ipoh that weekend. God bless you for your good work, Peter.
Best regards, Anthony Kim.
Note: We truly appreciate your presence that day and glad to hear that all of you enjoyed the dinner. From us in St Michael's Ipoh, looking forward to seeing all of you again in 2009.


Calvin Chung said...

Awesome work Mr. Peter Khiew, keeping the SMI legacy alive and kicking!
Been ages since i've been back to school but looking at the pictures makes me recollect the SPLENDID memories I had and I've never been more proud to tell people that I was from SMI, the birthmark, landmark and trademark of Ipoh!
Great pictures and covers, though to much has changed but i can still feel the sense of great history and influence of St. Michaels!

Keep it up!

A very proud Michaelian,
Calvin Chung

Kenny said...
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Kenny said...

Wow,that's quite lot of work.
Hi,Sir Khiew.
I'm Wong Kei Ken from class 1 Loyalty(year 2008).You can always find me at Wednesday during the seni class.
Check out my blog at