Sunday, November 30, 2008

Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress (APLEC) 2008

I will be attending the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators' Congress in Hong Kong from the 7th to the 12th December 2008.
The theme this year is ‘Lasallian Values in Education: Challenges to Youth in Asia Pacific Today’.
Eighteen delegates from various Lasallian schools throughout Malaysia will represent the country.
We will have the opportunity to meet delegates from Australia, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Singapore and host country Hong Kong, China.
Note: The Asia-Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress is an international organization linking up all the Lasallian educators in the different districts of the Asia-Pacific region. It brings together leading Lasallian educationalists from across the Asia Pacific region for a week-long programme of updating, sharing, forward planning and fraternal fellowship.

APLEC has been held every two to three years: 1996- Singapore; 1998- Hong Kong; 2000-Madurai; 2002-Penang and 2005 -the Philippines.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Hits 20,000

Thank you for coming by for updates of the alma mater regularly. Just realised that it has gone beyond 20,000 hits. Congratulations to all Michaelians for the strong and ever-increasing support. I will continue to deliver the latest happenings and updates at St Michael's.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

St Michael's Frontage Under Construction

Works are in progress to construct a frontage, consisting a passage at the side to ensure safer and more orderly flow of students and visitors to the school. The main gate and the surrounding area will also undergo some refurbishments. Once completed, a guard house, a higher wall to accommodate the lettering and school logo will adorn the nearly century-old premier school.

The awesome design is the brainchild of Brother Matthew Bay. Funding comes from the Board of Governors and the PIBG.

The structure is due for completion before the school reopens on January 5, 2009.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Towards the SMI Centennial Celebrations

Below is one comment from a Michaelian on our 2012 celebrations...
I would like to suggest that as 100 years of SMI is just around the corner, why don't Brother Vincent write a book on the school regarding unwritten information such as the origin of De Lasalle Statue & St. Michael's statue at the front of the school. I'm sure many want to know the country of origin of the statues, cost, who was in-charge in bringing in the statue and putting them in SMI, how they raised up the statues and placed them at the top of the school building as there where no modern tech at that time.

Why the school is named St. Michael's Institution? Who designed the school badge? The hidden meaning of the colour and shape of the badge. Why was yellow colour removed from the badge? Why does the motto' Quis Ut Deus' chosen & by whom? Where is the building material of the school such as roof tiles, bricks, pipes & others originated? (During the roof changing project, I had seen the old roof tiles were written (originated) from France, Paris & India). Where were the workers from? It has been said that during the War Time a firearm was hidden at the roof top? Is this true? I was told that there were 3 designs of school building given, and why did this(current design of school) was chosen? The significant & meaning of each part architecture of the school? The meaning of the 2 logos on the school building, the Signum Fidei & Indivista Manent? (Why are both logos not painted nicely?).

I have personally talked to Bro. Vincent informally about this & he said that give me(everyone) your support & we can do it.

I hope someone would come forward to take this project. I think the Board of Governors can look into this project. All the magazines can be combined and reproduced for the 100 years of SMI. The book on Bro. Ultan Paul written by Bro. Vincent can also be reprinted.
By Alexander SMI

Note: We will follow up with this proposal and suggestion. Michaelians can use this blog as a forum to offer input as all suggestions will be brought up with the appropriate people like the BOG, PIBG, OMA and the school administrators.

A Note From Brother Vincent:
Quite a challenge. I would like to support some of these useful suggestions.I still have several copies of Br U Paul's story.
Regards, Br Vincent

Monday, November 17, 2008


Master Chan Khin Seng's wife, Yeap Chai Hong, has passed away early today. The funeral will be on Wednesday at 9.30am. For details, call 05-5473916. House address: 6, Tingkat Hock Lee at Ipoh Garden.

Below is an article published about Mr Chan and his wife when they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in January 2001. Mr Chan currently sits on the St Michael's Board of Governors. He is also the 1st vice president of the Old Michaelians Association.

Our deepest condolences to Mr Chan and his family.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Michaelian is 60 years old this year

The magazine of St Michael's, "The Michaelian" is 60 years old this year. The first magazine was published in 1948 during the directorship of Brother Patrick O' Donovan (Director June 1938-March 1948).
Brother stands out in Michaelian history as an educationist par excellence who succeeded in putting St Michael's in the top rank of schools. He introduced science teaching and was responsible for increased interest and efficiency in the classroom and extra-curricular activities.
Among the many significant seeds sown during the Patrician era were the setting up of Chinese language classes, the Literary and Debating Society, the Thrift Society, the School Broadcasting Society and the Michaelian magazine.
He was also responsible for the establishment of the De La Salle School in Kampar.
After a period of six decades, "The Michaelian" is still going strong and continues its quest to document the historical, significant and memorable events dear to all.

Monday, November 10, 2008


After a long battle with cancer, Puan Shareeza Abdullah passed on at the General Hospital yesterday ( Nov 9, 2008 at 8.30pm). Michaelians remember her as a hardworking and deeply committed teacher who had never failed to effortlessly guide and coach students in their English lessons.
She was also the instrumental force to lead St Michael's into producing great and award-winning debaters, having beaten schools like ACS, Anderson, Main Convent, MGS, Tarcisian Convent and many other schools nationwide.
During her tenure as teacher in SMI, Puan Shareeza had produced many outstanding students.
St Michael's extends deepest condolence to her family. Rest In Peace.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More King Scouts!

Since the article about scouts was posted, a few more King Scouts from the 1999 batch were mentioned by fellow Michaelians.
They are:-
David Chong, Phuah William, Chuah Shih Keat, Ambrose Lee, Lai Khee Fatt, Cheong Chun Hui, Chew Chun Fei and Darren Singh.
Note: We will keep the comment open for more names to be mentioned on this prestigious post of King Scout.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'm Justin Ong, from SMI class 1999-2005. I've been visiting your blog quite often and would like to extend my appreciation for updating us old Michaelians on happenings in the school.
It's very unfortunate that the current school web site is in the state of despair. There hasn't been any update since 2007. It is important that as an official web site for the school, it is kept updated frequently.
I've visited some of the La Sallian school websites in Malaysia and I think that implementing a system where notices or announcements that can be posted with ease is a good solution.
Do you happen to know anyone from the current web development team that I could get in touch with? I would be happy offer some help.

Note: Receiving this e-mail from a concerned Michaelian. The school is currently roping in teachers and students to help update the site. We hope that updating is carried out fast to make the site a platform to disseminate information to visitors. We will seek advice from principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee.

Reminiscences of Past Gaiety

It was on Nov 16, 2005 when I chanced upon a group of 02 Kinta scouts "journeying" along Jalan Chung Thye Phin.
Michaelian scouts have long been associated with excellence, strong leadership, exemplary service and eminence, having produced numerous King Scouts in the likes of among others Master Timothy Chee, Master Thomas Choo and Mr Joseph Michael Lee, our current PIBG chairman. These individuals possess outstanding charisma and great spirit of service. We wish the current group, headed by adviser Master Christopher and his equally talented Master Stephen Liew well in strengtening 02 Kinta. We salute you all for the deep passion in scouting.

"Once a Scout, Always A Scout"
Note: The young scouts in the picture are now the seniors, holding important post in 02 Kinta. Stephen Liew, also in the picture, is now the troop leader. Congratulation boys.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Calling All Old Friends!

Yew Guo Zheng (above) is attempting to reconnect back with old friends, mostly old Michaelians, whom he has not met or heard from for many months or years. He pleads that all who are listed (and not listed) here below to keep in touch with him via e-mail, Skype, GoogleTalk, Facebook, Friendster, et cetera!
Here is the list:
Jonathan Chew Chee Mun
Terence Yip
Jefferi Kam bin Harith Kam
Samuel Lee
Mah Jun-Xiang
Lim Yook Yarth
Ashley Ashvin Arul
Adam Seow Kok Wai
Eugene Leong Kok Yu
Kiran Ganesh
Chao Tat Woon
Patrick Thilagaraj
Narinderpal Singh
Wong Wei Li
Cheah Wai Yuan
Tan Thian Hoe
Matius Ng
That’s about all. There should be more, but I am not able to think of the names. For those who have come across this site, whether you are in the list or otherwise, and if you find that you have not been in touch with me for a very long time, please drop me a line at the following contact details:
E-mail address: henry_yew[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Skype: yew_henry
Please keep in touch!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Brother Vincent Corkery's Birthday Bash

Nov 2 - Brother Vincent Corkery's birthday. He is 80 years old this year. Members of the Old Michaelians Association, together with its president Mr Adrian Tsen and Dato' Seri Lee Oi Hian, chairman of the Board of Governors joined in the celebration at the (Pusing) Mun Choong Restaurant.

Among those who came were Mr Joseph Michael Lee (PIBG chairman), Mr Ng Khoon Hong, Mr Michael Ong Tee Hock, Mr Louis Rozario Doss and Mr Phoon. Two great-looking and great-tasting cakes were made available for the birthday boy. Happy Birthday Brother from us at St Michael's.
Credit: Thank you, Brother Matthew Bay for the shots and Mr Harneak Singh for passing over the images to me.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Visit To Rumah Kanak-Kanak Cacat

The afternoon boys are visiting the Handicap Children Welfare Home on Nov 11, 2008 at 3pm. There are currently 25 inmates with disabilities ranging from blindness and mental illness to those with physical difficulties.
We want to let the students know the hardship and sufferings these boys and girls are going through. By knowing their strengths and perseverance, Michaelians are able to appreciate themselves and the people around them.
A busload of 40 students will be reaching the home at 3pm. We intend to spend 2 hours there, waiting for instruction on what we can do to help. The students have been encouraged to bring along provisions like condensed milk, rice or noodles and perhaps donation from their parents that day.
Parents and old boys who wish to join us can drop by at 30A, Jalan Haji Eusoff, Housing Trust, off Jalan Kampar. From The Store turn right into Housing Trust. From the junction, turn right again and go straight. The home is on your right. You can see a sign board infront of the home.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reminiscences of Past Gaiety

Going through some of the pictures taken, found a few that are worth writing about. The boys, all prefects, volunteered to be at the Simee Old Folks Home on August 16, 2003. They were young but their hearts were already set for some great charitable works.
Many brought along provisions for the old folks. Others invested in their time and energy, spending some five hours with the inmates. Some took care of the window panes, while others washed the vehicles and tended to the garden. They also had a wonderful time talking with the old folks.
The Form One and Form Two prefects are still around. Many are in Form Six. Benjamin Suren Kee, current SMI head boy was there also. Philip Boey, Victor Ho, Daniel Hazmy, Wong Hon Kit , Levinra and Syed have grown up. Now in Upper Six, Aaron Oo, was one of the earliest to arrive. He thoughtfully brought along two big bunches of red, juicy rambutans. One could see how pleased and excited the old folks were when they ate the fruits after meal that day.
These are the boys who have learnt the joy of service to the community. Today, many serve as student leaders in their respective field of studies.
Michaelians have always been taught that way by the Brothers and the teachers. We will continue to care for "the last, the least and the lost".
Thank you, boys.
Your past prefectorial board adviser.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Sir, I would like to inform that a Lower Six Student named Gobinathan A/L Suppuramaniyam from (LSS1) passed away today (31 October 2008). He met with an accident while on his way to school today morning. He was hit by a cement lorry and ran over his head.
His funeral will be held tomorrow around 10.00am. His body will be cremated in Bercham. His house address is 58, Hala Klebang Restu 13, Medan Klebang Restu, 31200 Chemor. I hope Sir would post it in the blog.

From: Alexander

Note: Michaelians, do go for visit in full force.
From us at St Michael's, our deepest condolence to Master Gobi's family. RIP Gobi.