Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'm Justin Ong, from SMI class 1999-2005. I've been visiting your blog quite often and would like to extend my appreciation for updating us old Michaelians on happenings in the school.
It's very unfortunate that the current school web site is in the state of despair. There hasn't been any update since 2007. It is important that as an official web site for the school, it is kept updated frequently.
I've visited some of the La Sallian school websites in Malaysia and I think that implementing a system where notices or announcements that can be posted with ease is a good solution.
Do you happen to know anyone from the current web development team that I could get in touch with? I would be happy offer some help.

Note: Receiving this e-mail from a concerned Michaelian. The school is currently roping in teachers and students to help update the site. We hope that updating is carried out fast to make the site a platform to disseminate information to visitors. We will seek advice from principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee.


Melvin Mah said...

Dear Peter,

I am surprised that another person do shared my sentiment on the need to update the main website.

That is why I am pitching a proposal to have a content-based template website ready for the school so that teachers / students can update the content required. Please refer to our series of e-mail correspondence.

However, I am unsure of the urgency of need and would really like to have a meeting for the pitching.

Andrew said...

Dear Peter,

I do agree with Melvin about the 'official' website of the old school. It really need to get a good brush up.

Are there any one who can assist the webmasters? Anyone willing to come out to pitch in & make the website all Michaelians,old & new proud.

Unfortunately I myself is not that good with the coding but if there any thing else I can be of help, the web masters can drop me a line.

Best regards,


Dominic Poh said...

aDear Peter

First and foremost, I have to congratulate you for being so faithfully updating this site with so many "rich" postings and pictures. It does really bring me back memories both good and "not so good" during my days in SMI.

I was taken by surprise what is "claimed" to be the official site but in a "dormant" situation. Postings as of 10th March 2009 still shows "as of 2007".

In my opinion, if you have close links with the current school management, it is adviseable to "take down"the site or re-direct the traffic to sites like this so that all potential Old Michaelians will be kept in the loop and they will not "drop out" after discovering the "official site" is not "functioning".

Secondly, for the general public who is doing a "search" on our beloved alma mater, they will also be dissappointed.

Given that SMI has produced so many talented people, I sincerely hope this will change soo.

Reading through the site, it brought back memories of Brother Paul (may his soul rest in peace, amen) and Brother Vincent. I was in Form 5 (1986)

I just managed to "connect" with a few old michaelians via "facebook". However, there is a big chunk of them which I can't locate.

If you have photos of 1986 or before, do share.

Lastly, thank you for doing such a goo job in this site. I am sure there will be a lot of OMAs who find this site useful and informative.

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