Sunday, November 09, 2008

More King Scouts!

Since the article about scouts was posted, a few more King Scouts from the 1999 batch were mentioned by fellow Michaelians.
They are:-
David Chong, Phuah William, Chuah Shih Keat, Ambrose Lee, Lai Khee Fatt, Cheong Chun Hui, Chew Chun Fei and Darren Singh.
Note: We will keep the comment open for more names to be mentioned on this prestigious post of King Scout.


Andrew said...

Hi Peter, Good that you & Robert da Silva & Son are keeping the old boys informed. Well done. Am one of the older scouts during the days of Mr. Thomas Choo & other leaders. Will try to mail you some of the old pic from the prehistoric days.


Chen Chee Kong (Andrew)

Peter Khiew said...

That will be great. Let us know also about your scouting days that time. How was the training, jungle trails, the situations that time etc. Advice for our current scouts? They are a group of excellent and committed boys.