Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reminiscences of Past Gaiety

Going through some of the pictures taken, found a few that are worth writing about. The boys, all prefects, volunteered to be at the Simee Old Folks Home on August 16, 2003. They were young but their hearts were already set for some great charitable works.
Many brought along provisions for the old folks. Others invested in their time and energy, spending some five hours with the inmates. Some took care of the window panes, while others washed the vehicles and tended to the garden. They also had a wonderful time talking with the old folks.
The Form One and Form Two prefects are still around. Many are in Form Six. Benjamin Suren Kee, current SMI head boy was there also. Philip Boey, Victor Ho, Daniel Hazmy, Wong Hon Kit , Levinra and Syed have grown up. Now in Upper Six, Aaron Oo, was one of the earliest to arrive. He thoughtfully brought along two big bunches of red, juicy rambutans. One could see how pleased and excited the old folks were when they ate the fruits after meal that day.
These are the boys who have learnt the joy of service to the community. Today, many serve as student leaders in their respective field of studies.
Michaelians have always been taught that way by the Brothers and the teachers. We will continue to care for "the last, the least and the lost".
Thank you, boys.
Your past prefectorial board adviser.

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