Saturday, November 08, 2008

Reminiscences of Past Gaiety

It was on Nov 16, 2005 when I chanced upon a group of 02 Kinta scouts "journeying" along Jalan Chung Thye Phin.
Michaelian scouts have long been associated with excellence, strong leadership, exemplary service and eminence, having produced numerous King Scouts in the likes of among others Master Timothy Chee, Master Thomas Choo and Mr Joseph Michael Lee, our current PIBG chairman. These individuals possess outstanding charisma and great spirit of service. We wish the current group, headed by adviser Master Christopher and his equally talented Master Stephen Liew well in strengtening 02 Kinta. We salute you all for the deep passion in scouting.

"Once a Scout, Always A Scout"
Note: The young scouts in the picture are now the seniors, holding important post in 02 Kinta. Stephen Liew, also in the picture, is now the troop leader. Congratulation boys.

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