Thursday, November 27, 2008

St Michael's Frontage Under Construction

Works are in progress to construct a frontage, consisting a passage at the side to ensure safer and more orderly flow of students and visitors to the school. The main gate and the surrounding area will also undergo some refurbishments. Once completed, a guard house, a higher wall to accommodate the lettering and school logo will adorn the nearly century-old premier school.

The awesome design is the brainchild of Brother Matthew Bay. Funding comes from the Board of Governors and the PIBG.

The structure is due for completion before the school reopens on January 5, 2009.


Henry Yew said...

I look forward to seeing the changes! Hurrah!

AOCY said...

Henry Yew, I certainly do agree with you.
Infact, I agree that there should be a safe pathway for the students to enter school. Seeing the construction going on now, I feel glad that students are able to enter safely.
The current walk way in is not safe as students have to 'fight' with the cars to enter the compound.

So, looking forward for it to be completed. Credits given to Brother Matthew.


kenwooi said...

Looking forward to the outcome of the renovation! =)