Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Towards the SMI Centennial Celebrations

Below is one comment from a Michaelian on our 2012 celebrations...
I would like to suggest that as 100 years of SMI is just around the corner, why don't Brother Vincent write a book on the school regarding unwritten information such as the origin of De Lasalle Statue & St. Michael's statue at the front of the school. I'm sure many want to know the country of origin of the statues, cost, who was in-charge in bringing in the statue and putting them in SMI, how they raised up the statues and placed them at the top of the school building as there where no modern tech at that time.

Why the school is named St. Michael's Institution? Who designed the school badge? The hidden meaning of the colour and shape of the badge. Why was yellow colour removed from the badge? Why does the motto' Quis Ut Deus' chosen & by whom? Where is the building material of the school such as roof tiles, bricks, pipes & others originated? (During the roof changing project, I had seen the old roof tiles were written (originated) from France, Paris & India). Where were the workers from? It has been said that during the War Time a firearm was hidden at the roof top? Is this true? I was told that there were 3 designs of school building given, and why did this(current design of school) was chosen? The significant & meaning of each part architecture of the school? The meaning of the 2 logos on the school building, the Signum Fidei & Indivista Manent? (Why are both logos not painted nicely?).

I have personally talked to Bro. Vincent informally about this & he said that give me(everyone) your support & we can do it.

I hope someone would come forward to take this project. I think the Board of Governors can look into this project. All the magazines can be combined and reproduced for the 100 years of SMI. The book on Bro. Ultan Paul written by Bro. Vincent can also be reprinted.
By Alexander SMI

Note: We will follow up with this proposal and suggestion. Michaelians can use this blog as a forum to offer input as all suggestions will be brought up with the appropriate people like the BOG, PIBG, OMA and the school administrators.

A Note From Brother Vincent:
Quite a challenge. I would like to support some of these useful suggestions.I still have several copies of Br U Paul's story.
Regards, Br Vincent


Young said...

The SMI Cetennial Celebration is more than 3 years away. Isn't it a bit early to get all hyped up regarding an event that will take a while before it is upon us? I suggest SMI concentrate on more important aspects of school like EDUCATION and ACHIEVEMENTS before worrying about a party that may well be superficial if our standards continue to decline. Do we really want to waste manpower so early on and risk headline like 'SMI marks 100th year of education by addressing ailling standards'? I reckon not. Don't get me wrong, the Michaelian tradition and heritage is something to be proud of but there is a time for everything. Now is not yet the time for celebrations.

AOCY said...

Hey there. Couldn't help but join in.

Well to me it's good that if we get hyped up and start preparing.
Although it's 3 years away still it's better than doing it last minute. Writing the story of St. Michael's needs a lot of time and energy and i'm sure that Brother Vincent would do a fine job.

A stitch in time saves nine. ;)

Aaron Oo.

LX said...

Hi 'Young'... what you said was true BUT the people who knows about the very deep details of SMI is very few. If we never take a step to put the informations down, THEN the half part of history will be gone. The future generation will accuse us if we fail to safe guard the history & document it down.I think the only person who knows well is Bro. Vincent. We must write down the info's he know before its too late. It's not party I mean but merely a well documentation of every millimeter of history & everything regarding our beloved Alma Mater. Lend in your support...
On the quality of EDUCATION & ACHIEVEMENTS, there is a lot of improvement needed....


Kin Tung said...

A very outstanding issue has been brought up in the original post which A very outstanding issue has been brought up in the original post – which is the revealing and understanding of the SMI’s history. The building is significant with its new roof and the painting, but it is true that the view of the Signum Fidei badge is getting invisible as the time goes. The Signum Fidei is the Sign of the Faith, a motto of the Institute of Brothers of the Christian schools founded by John Baptist de Lasalle. What is happening to the painting of the badge today? Let the Sign of Faith shines back.

The 100th years of SMI is a worth to be celebration, by everyone – the past and present Michaelians, the folks of the city, and perhaps the nation. We are moving to that year now, and plans are to planned properly and systematically. Mentioning out the plans is easy, but in real life it takes time.

I’m sure that under current OMA, BOG, PTA and school administrators, this is matter can be reviewed professionally.

KT Wong
SMI Alumni Klang Valley

Jared said...

It is indeed a great idea to have Brother Vincent to tell us all including the public of SMI's history. Perfect review of the 100 years of rich history. As a Michaelian, I'm curious as well to find out the origins of our school and traditions. It would be a proud moment for all Michaelians to show to the world, what a legacy we have built upon!

Indeed it is 3 years away, but I believe Michaelians can start throwing in ideas so we can be better prepared. Asking Brother Vincent to have such an assignment is daunting. Information gathering, research, etc. takes a lot of work. We shouldn't forget Brother Vincent has aged and we should let him have sufficient time to prepare.

To add on to that, the centennial celebrations should include a vision of SMI's future. 100 years is great milestone to achieve and as Michaelians, we should set new a vision and mission for the Michaelian community (be it existing student or alumni members) as a whole to strive for. This will continually motivate everyone to work hard and achieve even more in the future. We should aim to become the leading premier school in Malaysia and promote our name, SMI, throughout the world. That itself is challenging and will certainly motivate everyone!

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

I'm really proud of SMI and been trying to get as much info as possible on SMI heritage. Everytime i pass by SMI, I would not forget to catch a glimpse of SMI's beautiful facade. It never fails to impress anyone. It would be good if a book on SMI's heritage and hiddden secret could be published. I've wanted to know how the Japanese vault came into SMI, the hidden secret passage which was said to link to Main Convent, the stories about our chappel, and many more. I'd definitely buy that book if it's published.

Wong Weng Yew
class of 2001 USS3