Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reminiscences Of Past Gaiety

The pictures were taken a few years ago of Michaelians who made it academically. Most of them are now in institutions of higher studies. They are still very much remembered in SMI. If anyone of you read this, drop a line to say hello to the young Michaelians who need some inspiration. The old boys and teachers would also like to know where you are and what you are doing now.


m3lv said...


First of all~Happy 2009 Mr. Peter Khiew.

It has been 3 years now since I've left the much remembered SMI and I would say life after school is much more challenging. If I have a chance, definitely I will prefer to life back in SMI. Main reason is because the friends that I have, we eat together, play together and study together but now we hardly get a chance to see each other.

When I was having my first semester at TARC in the middle of the year 08, my English tutor was also an ex-michalien, sadly I forgot to ask which batch he was back then.

Anyway, keep up Michaelien!!Best wishes from me!!

Melvin Phun
5sc6 2005

kenwooi said...

best wishes from me too!
happy new year!

Wooi Wei Ken
5Sc1 2005 =)

Ahmad Amzar said...

hahaha!it's me!!
i've never thought that you still have the picture sir,even i myself didn't remember it as well,hehe

for your information,the second picture is the picture of PMR top scorers for the year 2001.if i'm not mistaken,50-odd students of that year got straight A's for the exam

it's been years since most of us left our beloved alma last visit was in 2006,but before that,i also managed to attend a special event to mark Mr Louis's retirement.he's indeed one of the people i respected the most during my days in SMI.

it could be another years until my next visit to SMI,but i'll try my best to attend our centennial celebrations!!

happy new year 2009

Ahmad Amzar
5sc3 2003

konrad, said...

f3 classmate of amzar of the above comment reporting!

i'm in the second picture too, but my face is blocked by someone's enthusiastic hand.

i live and study in kl now, but traveled back to ipoh to watch the school drama last august (managed to spot myself in one of the pictures of the corresponding blog post too).

was a lil disappointed at that time (as reflected in the comment i left on that blog post), but i just read the dec2 announcement of the return of master timothy chee, and i am cautiously optimistic that things will take a turn for the better now.

regardless, i'm just glad that the school administration appears to be adopting a proactive stance in trying to uphold our alma mater's strengths and traditions.

i do hope that the current students continue to do the school proud too.

forward, her children dear;
ever with hearts sincere;
render with joy to your mater her due...

konrad senf
5sc1, 2003
usa3, 2005

somash said...

This picture was taken in dec 2001.. the day PMR results were announced. Many straight A's..I'm one of them
Anyway, currently, most of us are in the midst of our respective final year degree programs. Some of us are studying in Malaysia,others are scattered all over the world; Japan, USA, Australia,UK..etc
In less than a year, I'll be graduating and I'll be in the industry.One thing I'm truly blessed is the rich tradition and enormous amount of experiences I've gained from SMI that has guided me through out my varsity journey. The training i had throughout my 4 years of being a prefect has mold me to be a person with a vision yet be firm and modest with my endeavors. SMI taught me the true meaning of how being independent encouraged better understanding in both academic and social life
Finally, to all my fellow Michaelians, enjoy your school life while you are still there.
Let me end here with a quote from the great Abraham Lincoln;

"In the end, its not the years in your life that matters the most, is the life within the years..!"

best wishes & regards to all:

3A5 - 2001
5SC4 - 2003
USS4 - 2005

Wei Liang Goh said...

hi Mr Khiew, Michaelian teachers and students!

It is good to see old pictures of ourselves. Makes me look back a long way ago. Good old memories in SMI!

I have just graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Economics and will be pursuing my Master of Economics soon.

I am always proud of my alma mater. SMI's name and logo must fly high. I hope the young Michaelians continue to make the school proud in the future and return home as Old Michaelians. Never forget your roots. That is important.

I might return to school in mid January for a short visit.

Hope to see you Sir!

Anonymous said...

hey yo..happy new year!!!!
yeah i remember pmr 2001, didnt do well, didnt do well in school at all. got into trouble with Mr.Louise,Mr.Chong,Mr.Woon and of course Thevanai Dass a lot for all da wrong reasons. Damm remember all those all time's i got punished.. but i would not change my experience in SMI for da world...haaa i miss those care free days when all i wanted to do was have fun...well, eventually i matured, did well in a levels n am doin medicine in uk now...hahahaha... take care friends.. take all da blows n rise!!!

hey somash, goh, konrad
Sc 3,2,1,5,4

Jared JJ Chew said...

Whoa, seems like all the young former michaelians are emerging one by one over this blog post! Well I don't want to be missed out as well.

I was with the batch of SMI students in the second picture (tho I didnt achieved Straight A honours back then with my peers). Definitely enjoyed my days in SMI. I wasn't the most smart student then nor was I the most athletic one from the rest. Wasn't very hardworking then, rather I always did my best to "enjoy" my schooling days. Haha.

Then again, I have finished my tertiary studies. I am an ACCA affiliate as well as an Oxford Brookes University degree holder. Currently working as a Consultant Associate at a management consultancy company.

Do hope to see more Young Michaelians living up to their respective dreams and aspirations. SMI is the place to be~

Chew Jee Jhoong, Jared
5Sc4 2003

AloBoy said...

congratulations boys

PMR in 1994...
SPM 1996

Further studies and read law...

now an advocate and solicitor in Ipoh

Mohd Dzran
5VT1 1996

Henry Yew said...

My best wishes to all teachers and students of SMI. May they be constantly guided by the ever enriching Michaelian spirit and heritage.

Rest assured, you have not been forgotten!

Will visit SMI one of these days.

Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)
Civil Engineering Department
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Robb said...

I'm angry of Shum Khai Yeap for blocking my fat face. Lol. Actually I'm thankful. This way you won't get to see my monstrosity look back then. Lol.

Had various scholarship and sponsorship opportunities for tertiary education after form 5. Took UTP, changed my mind with a heavy cost and went for another at TARC.

Am now an advertising exec for Nuffnang.

Chew Seong Yik
5sc1 2003

Young Michaelians, be proud of your school as I never fail to feel so on every single day I step into my alma mater.

JayJay said...

Hello fellow Michaelians and of course to the author of this blog, Mr. Khiew!

It's the year 2010 and I for one definitely enjoyed seeing how my beloved school is improving exponentially. It is even a joy to see my fellow classmates and students from my batch respond to this post. It just shows that no matter what, we will never forget our past nor glory times in high school.

I wasn't one of the straight A's student and somewhat don't believe that straight A's means instant success, however I'm still grateful for the education received as the school has truly showed me that my hunger for science can never be curbed. I can only say to the young Michaelians, that even if they are unable to achieve straight A's, they should be happy to recognize their strong points and weaknesses to work on. This is the lesson we continuously learn throughout our whole life. As long as they work hard, they can even overcome the "geniuses" in class.

Having said that, I hope I passed on a word of wisdom and would even like to remind students that there are plenty of scholarships out there in the world. It's just a matter of looking for it. If you think that's impossible, just remember that I've managed to do it.

Currently I'm studying in the University of Tulsa being a double major in Biology (Graduate of 2008) and Mechanical Engineering and will be looking into doing my masters in either Biomedical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Remember your alma mater.
Jayanth Abishek
SMI Graduate of 2003

mishal kothari said...

it was one of the best things to come across this blog. such a great way to know what has been going on in school since i left. i was so engrossed reading all the posts since 2006. mr khiew, doing a great job.

i had good times back in school. finished form 5 in 2005. and back then i kept wondering i have another 4 years to go thru university and look how fast time has flew by. im looking at my final semester in university completing my degree here in INTI,Nilai.

i've always kept st michaels close to heart and never forgetting the good times had there. now, i really feel like coming back to school some time soon.

mishal kothari
3A1, 2003
5sc5, 2005