Monday, December 22, 2008

SMI Frontage Taking Shape

The SMI frontage is taking shape. The workers are doing a great and tidy job. The structure is adorned now with a slab of either a black granite or marble. Looks marvellous. It won't be long when the words, "SMK St Michael, Ipoh" and the ever inspiring school crest will be installed.
The guard house is ready, a pleasant new year gift to our security personnels. The completion of the frontage is on schedule, thanks largely to Brother Matthew's strict supervision.
And to the PIBG and BOG, we are grateful for making it happen!
To all Michaelians, all things at SMI belong to us. We must have a sense of ownership towards all properties of the school. Whether it is the chair or desk that lies at corner of the classroom or the decades-old wooden doors, we have the responsibilities to ensure that they are cared for.
Make 2009 a year all Michaelians cherish and uphold the great Michaelian ethos.
Signing off,
Mr Peter Khiew


Kenneth said...

Well, my cousin was from there. We're both going to start our solid wooden doors trading business.

kenwooi said...

looking good! =)