Friday, December 05, 2008


It has been pointed out that our school rally has some words that are incorrect. Below is the right version.

All through our College a voice is resounding
Promptly respond to your duty's sweet call!
Hearken you all for the trumpet is sounding
Your Mater's proclaiming her watchword to all
Forward her children dear!
Ever with hearts sincere
Render with joy to your Mater her due
All that is vile, reject
Heaven will e'er protect
Sons of St Michael's
Valiant and true.


kenwooi said...

"Forward her children dear" ?

I used to sing "forward my children dear" 3 years ago. =)

So who found these mistakes?

bluedrake said...

Well what about the school rally song written in the school note book? Has it been correct all these while? I'm not going to be able to find out because I will go to KL soon for college and i will miss SMI a whole lot even more. By Andrew Phan (soon to become ex-student of SMI)

Henry Yew said...

I agree with Ken Wooi. I've been singing "Forward my children dear" for eleven years, without ever realising it was a mistake!

I have also noticed that there were constant changes to the word "hearken". In my primary school days, I remembered that the word was spelt "hearten". It made no sense to me but I didn't argue it out.

Then in secondary school, I saw the word being spelt as "harken", and now it is "hearken".

So, now we have the finally corrected version of the school rally?

Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)
Civil Engineering Department
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

crazecousa said...

who has found this mistake.. i have sang this song for about 10 years ago without noticed it