Thursday, January 08, 2009

Came across an interesting site managed by Ahmad Amzar, currently studying engineering in Japan. He was in Form Three in 2001 and 5Sc3 in 2003. He writes:-

As I embark on a long soul-searching journey,I came across the picture above on St Michael's Institution's blog, administered by Mr Khiew, a few days ago. How fortunate was I.
The school is so dear to me,more than any other school I've ever attended. It's there where I discovered myself and my self-confidence,it's there where I really saw my dreams and gained that fierce fighting spirit, although it has actually faded over the past 2 to 3 years and not to forget, it was there where I met great people, friends and teachers and re-established the family bond with one of my relatives. My father's decision to send me there, which is also his alma mater, is indeed one of his many decisions I will always be grateful of. Thanks abah. I will always remember the memories, the fellowships, the struggle, the joy and the pain,the rivalries and not to forget,the glories and the failures back then. The school has "saved" me many times in the past,and now,I believe,she has "saved" me yet again. I'll make sure that the next time I visit you again my dear SMI, I'll be someone you can be proud of. I'll promise, InsyaAllah.

My fellow Michaelians,I hope to see you guys in 2012.

P/S : The picture above was taken right after the results for PMR 2001 were announced. It's the only public exam which I got straight A's. Thanks Mr Khiew for uploading it!!

Quis Ut Deus

Note: From us here at St Michael's, keep your spirit high and continue to uphold the great Michaelian ideals. Best wishes to you. p/s: Amzar (standing, far left)

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Ahmad Amzar said...

oops,I've just realized there's a typing error should be "although it has actually faded"

I'm so flattered to have a post on my blog to be featured here. Seriously!!

Yes,the School is so close to my heart. I used to visit SMI a few times after Form Five,and only once when I'd just started my degree in Japan. Due to time constraints,I'm yet to make my first visit after so many years. With God's willing,I'll do so in the near future.

By the way,I forgot to properly introduce myself in your previous post. I'm Ahmad Amzar,former student of 3A9(2001) and 5Sc3(2003). Right now I'm doing my degree in electrical engineering at Osaka University. Hopefully there are still some teachers out who still remember me,hehe.

I'm not going to repeat what I've already said in my blog and also yours,but I just want to say,thank you very much SMI and its people. I'll never forget the memories and the experiences I had there.

Doumo arigatougozaimashita!
(Thank you very much)

Ahmad Amzar

p.s.Thank you again mr Khiew for the picture.It's one of the very few pictures of me during my days in SMI.