Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meeting Up Again After 34 years

He was my Civics and PE teacher. I remember him as a firm, no-nonsense and yet a teacher who knew his subjects well. It was in 1975 when Mr Jimmy Ng of SK St Michael One walked into the class of 6C as our class teacher. I have been tracing Mr Jimmy for many years and instantly phoned him after I got his number from another Michaelian teacher, Mr Noel Oliveiro. When we finally met for breakfast at Ipoh Garden the other day, it was a time I expressed my gratitude and appreciation to him for his unflinching dedication and hardwork.

Mr Harneak from 6E (1975) was also there with us. Pictured here is Mr Noel (sitting next to Mr Jimmy). At the foreground is Mr Paul Liau (another Michaelian).

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