Friday, February 27, 2009

Specifically designed for Old Boys ?

Let's read here what transpired earlier. Keeping our bond alive is note-worthy. There are Michaelians who still have the passion to keep the spirit alive by wearing Michaelian necktie at their places of work at least once a week.There's one, Thomas, who wears a green tie everyday. Such outstanding and endearing old boy. We must continue to strengthen the link and keep the ethos alive.

One old boy who runs a wonderful blog writes....My Michaelians friends and I had a discussion among us...
We would like to wear SMI neck tie...probably on one specific day..perhaps on Wednesday...
but where can we buy the neck tie? And is there any neck tie which specifically designed for the old boys? ...the school tie only suits for the students but not for the old boys...

Perhaps fellow Michaelians would like to respond to this...

Below are some comments from Michaelians, some of whom are currently overseas.

Let's not say specifically designed for old boys, but for everybody to use. I'm not working a blue collar job just yet, but I would love a green coloured tie that represents where I come from. Or even if one is a CEO of a grand company like TV3 that is part of Media Prima, the CEO who is a Michaelian (I think) would love to wear such a tie. Love the idea. If this idea flies, have a poll, post the designs, and all Old Boys should jump in and design one for the fun of it. Designers will be able to put this in his/her portfolio - Andrew Lim.

A good idea but it would be tricky to incorporate a design which does not look too student-ish and at the same time, preserve that distinct Michaelian flair.A competition might be a good place to start. I know for a fact that many Michaelians have artistic abilities and they may be keen on displaying their talents. Just a random thought - Young

For your info, the Andersonians had just started the idea of wearing neck tie on Wednesday in conjunction with their centennial celebration recently...the Cliffordians are also wearing tie on one specific day..and the MCKK old boys wearing neck tie every Wednesday...and I believe Michaelians should also do the same..the old boys neck tie should not be the same design with the students...coz I'm not sure with the current situation but during my time the neck tie is too short...not suitable for a working man...we can choose Wednesday as the day for wearing the neck tie...coz Wednesday is a cabinet meeting for the government...Politicians from SMI can proudly wear the tie in cabinet meeting and also in the parliament...just imagine on Wednesday, Michaelians all over the world wear the SMI neck tie to show that they are Michaelians..the old boys can buy the neck tie and percentage from the proceeds of the sale could be used by the's a donation or charity from the old boys..we give back to the school.. AloBoy

Good idea to have a specific tie to represent one self as an old Michaelian. The tie should be preferably be green which represents the Michaelian colour. Maybe someone artistic can come up with a design. Some one I can see now is Master Timothy Chee. Other than a tie, a collar pin and tie-pin would also be a good idea -Harneak Singh

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Michaelian Run 2009

It was a hugely successful run. The Michaelian comradeship could be felt throughout and the atmosphere was cordial. Credit to the members of the Michaelian Photography Club for the excellent shots. The images are suffice in depicting a run which was truly Michaelian.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's the time again of the year for Michaelians to cross country. It has always been a time to celebrate and to unite. Let's run and unwind.
Date: Saturday, 21 February 2009
Time: 7.20am
Venue: School Field

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Little Known Fact About SMI

"The Anderson Connection" by Brother Vincent Corkery
Michaelians are happy to extend to all Andersonians warmest greetings and salutations on the occasion of their centenary this year 1909-2009.

Anderson School originally occupied a building not far from SMI along what was known as Douglas Road [now Jln Dato Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab], just a few hundred yards away from SMI.
The building later became the State Secretariat when Anderson moved to its present site in 1931.
Ten years later in 1941 with the threat of war, Anderson School was requisitioned by the British military, and the classes had to be relocated.
They turned to SMI for help.
Br Patrick, Director, obliged. He had just completed the first major extension to the school as far as the end of the hall, and upper classes from Anderson School were the first to occupy it.
The Principal of Anderson School had his desk in Brother Director’s office, and they worked very harmoniously together.
When the Japanese invaded, Brother Rupert [a German Brother] was in charge of science. Without delay he dismantled all the fittings in the science lab and stored them safely under the stage, giving the key to our faithful Anthony, the head gardener.
All through the war this room was left undisturbed. Once the Japanese surrendered, Br Rupert in no time had the science lab fully equipped and functioning once more.
Anderson had to wait several months before they could get the necessary equipment from overseas to start their lab.
They turned to SMI for help and Br Patrick was able to oblige. And so for several months in 1946, Andersonians made their way to SMI in the afternoons for their science practicals.
The organisers of the centenary celebrations plan to highlight this unique connection with SMI.

Thank you, Brother Vincent.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Gritty and Spirited 2nd Kinta Scouts

It's another show of mettle and resourcefulness. Michaelian scouts are organising the Founder's Day on 21 st February, Saturday. It's hard work and obviously one that involves teamwork and plenty of planning. Among the special guests invited to grace the celebration are Master Timothy Chee, Master Thomas Choo and Mr Joseph Michael Lee- all King Scouts! Their presence would undoubtedly add some spices to the event and inspire our present scouts to be "Kings" as well.
A recap of the activities carried out by St Michael's well-known 2nd Kinta Scouts, formed in 1926.

caption: Scouts being groomed into people of character at its weekly Saturday meetings. The seniors had also built strong rapport with their comrades at Singapore's Beatty Beavers Scout Troop of Beatty Secondary School.

Keep up the good work. Have a meaningful and historical evening.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Michaelian Pride- The 48th School Drama In August 09'

"The Warlord of Terror"
That's the title of St Michael's Drama this year.
14, 15 & 16 August 2009, Time: 7pm, Venue: SMI HALL
The story is inspired by the myths whispered from the dusts of the Tang Dynasty. It is going to be one interesting watch with superb storyline and excellent plot and theme. Get ready for high drama, heartwarming romance, lovely songs and thrilling battles as veteran director Master Timothy Chee returns to pull in the crowd.
One information: Our old boys from the Klang Valley alumni have already placed their bookings for an evening of pure entertainment and excitement on one of the three nights.
caption: Master Timothy Chee at work.
Director Master Timothy Chee has started work since beginning of February. His artistic touches on specially designed props and backdrops have incredibly transformed the entire stage. With the valuable assistance of scouts who stay back to help out, we are looking forward to another era of drama excellence in St Michael's.

To make enquiries and bookings easier for our old boys, Ipoh folks, students from other schools or present students, an e-mail has been created. Allow us at least 24 hours to respond. It is

Visit the blog often for more interesting updates.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Banner That Depicts Our 2009 School Theme.

Let's Uphold Our Great Michaelian Ethos which pillars itself on the three Michaelian ideals of Faith, Zeal and Service to the Community.

Michaelian Ethos is our tradition, our heritage and our school character. What are the essence or elements of an institution that we regard as the ethos?
1. All our old boys who we can model after.
2. All the former Brother directors and principals who have left behind a strong imprints of legacy. Walk over to the school foyer. Look up to the wall and you will see all the people who had worked silently for a common cause - for the love of St Michael's.
3. Our former teachers who had such dedication and loyalty to St Michael's.
4. Our founder John Baptist De Lasalle.
5. Our highly respected the Lasallian Brothers. Thank you Brother Vincent, Brother John D Cruz and Brother Matthew Bay in St Michael's and the ever-respected Brothers all around the world.
6. Our sportsmen like Thomas Cuppers Dato' Tan Yee Khan and Dato' Ng Boon Bee. Our cricket great like Mr Koo Kim Kuang. Our former teacher Mr Noel Oliveiro who groomed hockey greats like Foo Keat Seong, our scout maestro like Master Timothy Chee and Master Thomas Choo who have produced countless of King Scouts.
7. Our building, the labour of love of past Brother directors and school community.
8. Entities like the OMA, PIBG and Board of Governors are the icons we must recognise and acknowledge. They are parts of a Lasallian school.
9. Our current administrators, teachers and friends around us. Appreciate and honour one another.
10. We, being a Lasallian and Michaelian.

All these are the ethos that make St Michael's what it is today.

High Respect For Our Boys

The wushu exponents, besides their astonishing steps of Chinese martial art, also greatly impressed the Form One students with the powerful beats of the drum and the skillful leaps of the lions. Capable Wushu Club president Daryl Tan Mun Foong guiding the "lion".
Year after year, our boys from the Michaelian Military Band, the Scouts, Wushu and St John Ambulance had never failed to conduct induction sessions for the new Form One boys. It was that time the seniors, in all their enthusiasm, got together their resources and energy to demonstrate their expertise, convincing their younger charges how their respective clubs or societies can make them better individuals. Preparation wise for a two-hour session? It took them days!
I am amazed by their commitment, attachment and love for the clubs or societies they represent. On their mind, besides recruiting more new members for their stables, the seniors would seriously want to see continuity of the organisations they are so attached to.
After they leave school, they want to return home and see that the students they train and guide years ago are carrying on their labour of love.
Keep it up, Michaelians. We hold great pride as that tradition was inherited by them from the earlier generations of equally abled Michaelians.
Our theme: "Upholding the Great Michaelian Ethos" reflects that value.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Contacting An Old Friend - 1959

You are being contacted via Saint Michael Institution by Li Chiu-Suen.
Li Chiu-Suen has provided the following information so you may contact them: Email:
Message: Having left Ipoh since 1959 to further my studies in Sydney, Australia; I love to trace backsome of my classmates in Form 6 then. Just to name a few: Jimmy Ho, Chong Chun Chee and Leong Kah Loong etc.... If anyone of you happens to know where they are, please ask them to get in touch with me! Many thanks and much appreciated.

Note: This e-mail was sent over by old boy Mr Robert de Silva who currently lives in US.