Friday, February 06, 2009

The Banner That Depicts Our 2009 School Theme.

Let's Uphold Our Great Michaelian Ethos which pillars itself on the three Michaelian ideals of Faith, Zeal and Service to the Community.

Michaelian Ethos is our tradition, our heritage and our school character. What are the essence or elements of an institution that we regard as the ethos?
1. All our old boys who we can model after.
2. All the former Brother directors and principals who have left behind a strong imprints of legacy. Walk over to the school foyer. Look up to the wall and you will see all the people who had worked silently for a common cause - for the love of St Michael's.
3. Our former teachers who had such dedication and loyalty to St Michael's.
4. Our founder John Baptist De Lasalle.
5. Our highly respected the Lasallian Brothers. Thank you Brother Vincent, Brother John D Cruz and Brother Matthew Bay in St Michael's and the ever-respected Brothers all around the world.
6. Our sportsmen like Thomas Cuppers Dato' Tan Yee Khan and Dato' Ng Boon Bee. Our cricket great like Mr Koo Kim Kuang. Our former teacher Mr Noel Oliveiro who groomed hockey greats like Foo Keat Seong, our scout maestro like Master Timothy Chee and Master Thomas Choo who have produced countless of King Scouts.
7. Our building, the labour of love of past Brother directors and school community.
8. Entities like the OMA, PIBG and Board of Governors are the icons we must recognise and acknowledge. They are parts of a Lasallian school.
9. Our current administrators, teachers and friends around us. Appreciate and honour one another.
10. We, being a Lasallian and Michaelian.

All these are the ethos that make St Michael's what it is today.

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