Friday, February 06, 2009

High Respect For Our Boys

The wushu exponents, besides their astonishing steps of Chinese martial art, also greatly impressed the Form One students with the powerful beats of the drum and the skillful leaps of the lions. Capable Wushu Club president Daryl Tan Mun Foong guiding the "lion".
Year after year, our boys from the Michaelian Military Band, the Scouts, Wushu and St John Ambulance had never failed to conduct induction sessions for the new Form One boys. It was that time the seniors, in all their enthusiasm, got together their resources and energy to demonstrate their expertise, convincing their younger charges how their respective clubs or societies can make them better individuals. Preparation wise for a two-hour session? It took them days!
I am amazed by their commitment, attachment and love for the clubs or societies they represent. On their mind, besides recruiting more new members for their stables, the seniors would seriously want to see continuity of the organisations they are so attached to.
After they leave school, they want to return home and see that the students they train and guide years ago are carrying on their labour of love.
Keep it up, Michaelians. We hold great pride as that tradition was inherited by them from the earlier generations of equally abled Michaelians.
Our theme: "Upholding the Great Michaelian Ethos" reflects that value.


m3lv said...

Wow!!Mr. Khiew, could you record and upload the lion dance performance held by the boys?? It will be glad if we could see them here!!

Peter Khiew said...

The boys are a determined lot. They are not only good in lion dancing but they are superb in martial arts too. Hope to get them one day during their rehearsal and video it. Thank you for the strong support.