Monday, February 16, 2009

A Little Known Fact About SMI

"The Anderson Connection" by Brother Vincent Corkery
Michaelians are happy to extend to all Andersonians warmest greetings and salutations on the occasion of their centenary this year 1909-2009.

Anderson School originally occupied a building not far from SMI along what was known as Douglas Road [now Jln Dato Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab], just a few hundred yards away from SMI.
The building later became the State Secretariat when Anderson moved to its present site in 1931.
Ten years later in 1941 with the threat of war, Anderson School was requisitioned by the British military, and the classes had to be relocated.
They turned to SMI for help.
Br Patrick, Director, obliged. He had just completed the first major extension to the school as far as the end of the hall, and upper classes from Anderson School were the first to occupy it.
The Principal of Anderson School had his desk in Brother Director’s office, and they worked very harmoniously together.
When the Japanese invaded, Brother Rupert [a German Brother] was in charge of science. Without delay he dismantled all the fittings in the science lab and stored them safely under the stage, giving the key to our faithful Anthony, the head gardener.
All through the war this room was left undisturbed. Once the Japanese surrendered, Br Rupert in no time had the science lab fully equipped and functioning once more.
Anderson had to wait several months before they could get the necessary equipment from overseas to start their lab.
They turned to SMI for help and Br Patrick was able to oblige. And so for several months in 1946, Andersonians made their way to SMI in the afternoons for their science practicals.
The organisers of the centenary celebrations plan to highlight this unique connection with SMI.

Thank you, Brother Vincent.


Darren Lee said...

very interesting

ChuahTC said...

There is another version of this story, told to us in 1983/84 by our 6th Form Chemistry teacher Mr Chin Fah Sam, that the fittings from the labs were taken to and hidden in St Michael's Church (basement, I believe) until after the war.