Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Michaelian Pride- The 48th School Drama In August 09'

"The Warlord of Terror"
That's the title of St Michael's Drama this year.
14, 15 & 16 August 2009, Time: 7pm, Venue: SMI HALL
The story is inspired by the myths whispered from the dusts of the Tang Dynasty. It is going to be one interesting watch with superb storyline and excellent plot and theme. Get ready for high drama, heartwarming romance, lovely songs and thrilling battles as veteran director Master Timothy Chee returns to pull in the crowd.
One information: Our old boys from the Klang Valley alumni have already placed their bookings for an evening of pure entertainment and excitement on one of the three nights.
caption: Master Timothy Chee at work.
Director Master Timothy Chee has started work since beginning of February. His artistic touches on specially designed props and backdrops have incredibly transformed the entire stage. With the valuable assistance of scouts who stay back to help out, we are looking forward to another era of drama excellence in St Michael's.

To make enquiries and bookings easier for our old boys, Ipoh folks, students from other schools or present students, an e-mail has been created. Allow us at least 24 hours to respond. It is

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Fariq said...

i miss school play. :)
i was in the production team for 2007 school play - Hercules.
acted as one of the titan (monster):)
good times.

p/s: miss corrine no more incharge for this year school play? hmm.

shah fariq aizal
michaelian batch 2008.